Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Gastroliterary 42: Gastro-feedback

After one year of food experience in the form of words, Gastroliterary has decided that to list out the 5 desirable restaurants that was being featured, and in no particular order. Make sure the next birthday party is to be held there. Of course, the society is clouded with less worthy places for food. So there is a need to list another 5 unworthy places, because being objective is the objective. Certainly, the bonus of exhancing the efficiency of cash can be ensured.

5 Desirables
Auntie Kim's (Korean with Korean hospitality)
Lei Garden (Chinese, Cantonese)
Ohsumi (Japanese, shabu shabu, transport to the back alleys of Tokyo)
Casa Roma (Italian, the pizza is wonderful)
Taste Paradise (Chinese fusion, where creativity and gastromic skills meet)

5 Unworthiness
Jurong Hill (Japanese, expensive sashimi for cheap taste buds)
Nooch (Noodles, City Hall outlet closed down; saving people from its vicious claws)
Sakae Sushi (Japanese, maybe only the buffet is excusable)
Hung Kang (Chinese, Teochew, they won (bought) the best restaurant award)
Country Manna (American, similar to the disagreeable Jack's Place)


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