Friday, May 19, 2006

This is life 3: Prelude to Great China great trip

China, or the ''middle kingdom''', as they call themselves, is a pilgrimage journey for all Singaporeans. Because money is the unofficial religion that most people seem to believe in wholeheartedly; what better place to visit than the country with great economy that continues to expand? This means that this ''pseudo religion'', is like a statue gobbling itself while growing at enormous rate. And no pilgrims is going to forget Shanghai.

Singapore has embraced China, and everything China in the most vulgar form. (It is interesting to note that some people in this world think that Singapore is part of China.) It is a fact or becoming a fact that almost everyone is this world, and all Singaporeans, wears a pair of socks, the food they put into their mouth, originated from some places in China. Even the human itself somehow originates from China.

The claim that ''Mandarin is cool'' (so is China), is everywhere in Singapore. From buses advertisements, to television programmes to newspapers, the cool notion of Singaporeans will have to change. The journey to China, is a pilgrimage for Singaporeans, because Singapore aims to become a hip, lively global city. So this cool journey to China is supposed to be cool as well, because this is where even the language the people speak, is so cool.

However, China is afterall a communist country. So how does one behaves in a communist environment? It is really not a cool thing to learn from alternative media, not the mainstream media of Singapore, that China is probably harvesting organs from living people. In other words, this journey is likely to be dangerous because one might end up being harvested. Perhaps money can do all the guidance.

It is hard to imagine how good or great this journey will be. But with great China, this pilgrimage journey will also be great (and cool).


Anonymous dev! said...

WoW.. u're jumping on the bandwagon too. too slow i mean. wahhahha

23/5/06 18:52  

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