Sunday, December 25, 2005

Gastroliterary 26: The Italian

In conjunction with the Christmas theme, I have decided to give faithful readers a present of information about a treasure place.

Restaurant Information:
15th October 2005
Casa Roma, located near Sixth Avenue, this restaurant is truly for those who love authentic Italian Food. Or to put it this way, wonderful Italian food! I had been to this restaurant many times, and this being the sixth time. I would still look forward to experience the Italian experience once more.

Indeed I had, on this Christmas eve night, spending a peaceful late night with family away from the partying crowd of the downtown. It had been a rainy day causing temperatures to plummet, providing a rare opportunity to dine in fashionable al fresco style.Is it coincidence that the Italian flag has the 3 Christmas festive colours?

Food: 8
This time round, a salad ($12.50) was orderd. Not so generous in serving portions but generous in freshness and taste.

Seafood Pizza ( $18). I really love pizza and this place make me die for more. At $18, one can imagine how similar the price when compared to Pizza Hut. Of course, this is real Italian pizza, so the crust is much thinner than Pizza Hut. When one talks about the taste, the conventional stuff is unable to put up a fight with the real stuff. The squid, clams and mussels come in satisfying quantity and great quality.

Salmon Pasta ($18) in cream sauce and Black Truffle Pasta ($25) in butter sauce. The cream sauce was rich and filled up the sense of taste. The first encounter with truffle comes with a pleasant welcome. It was a powerful dose of mushroom perfume. With such a small quantity, it is hard to imagine it is able to generate such an overwhelming aroma.

Tiramisu ($6.50) was not as wonderful as the previous visits here. The chef somehow left out the alcoholic part of this dessert.

The Christmas late night supper was simply wonderful and again, it has lived up to the standards.

Service 8.5
Service was mostly terrific; polite and details were taken care of, almost. One of the waitress promised to return to the dining table with some pepper but apparently, it slipped off her mind in the midst of serving other customers. Even after a short walk around the area, we returned to the our car parked in front of this restaurant, we were bidded off by one of the waiter as we quitted the place.

Ambience 7.5
Despite the restaurant being on a small scale, it was still pretty comfortable in it. A casual and warm atmosphere.

Overall 8
After even the sixth visit within a year, I still desire to visit this cosy Italian restaurant very soon. Definitely worth every lira.


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