Monday, September 19, 2005

Gastroliterary 16: Japanese Cuisine ii

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Good Place, Very Good Sushi
Sakae Sushi lunch buffet.
$16 for student, $18.50 for adults.

19/09/2005: Sushi buffet at $16 seems to be a good deal although at the odd timing of 1500 to 1800. I had the great opportunity to patronise one of the 26 outlets at Parkway Parade. I felt quite welcomed as I stepped into the restaurant for the waitress seemed to be quite well-trained.

The gobbling started with ease as the sushi plates cruised by on the innovative conveyer belt. However, care have to be taken to pick those sushi that have not been left spinning around the restaurant for too long; plastic cover with much condensation. Items not on the menu can be ordered. Overall, the chawanmushi was the best and most recommended. The raw items, I disapproved them for being less than 'supermarket standard'. Other more appealing dishes were the toufu and fried items. I thought things like noodles, the sushi rice and tea could certainly be improved further. The variety wise was quite satisfactory, though much temptation had to be resisted from picking the 'premium' sushi plates, which are not complementary to their buffet. Picking the $5.90 per red plate will no longer allow the buffet to be deemed as cheap anymore.

Score board (Food, Service, Ambience, Overall) from a buffet perspective:

Considering the a la carte perspective; the items taken from the conveyer belt are the same for both buffet and a la carte.

The overall buffet standard, with consideration of the price of $16 was pretty average. Eating a la carte, however, I think one is better off picking up sushi from some supermarket counters instead. "Very good sushi"? Sakae can really undermine the good word well.


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