Saturday, May 06, 2006

Gastroliterary 37: Fusion Chinese at Taste Paradise

Taste Paradise is a newly opened restaurant in Chinatown. Opened in March, this restaurant situated in Chinatown, is considered to be quite a swanky place and not the stigmatized traditional.

Food: 9
The main chef is a Hongkonger who has created many fusion dishes. The food was totally a melting pot of cuisines. It is mainly Chinese with French and Japanese influences. Cod fish comes in a small portion for each customer. It was topped with fish eggs and Japanese-styled sauce with a hefty price tag of $12 per person. The deer meat might appear innocent but the taste was really exceptional. The most interesting dish was probably the fried eggplant with pork floss. With the odd sounding combination, it was surprising to find that pork floss complimented with eggplant, can be such a perfect match. The sharksfin dish, comes in a heavy Japanese hotpot and with matching fried popiah as a wonderful combination. This might caused much environmental damage, but also much damage to the economy because one such pot cost $48. Other great dishes include vermicilli with shimmered crab and even braised vegetables. ''Heavenly dew'' as it is named, consisting of mango puree and pomelo.

Service: 9
The service here was simply great. Because the waitresses were polite and quite professional. Tea pouring was so frequent that cups were mostly filled to the brim. If customers were to try to fill their cups on their own, the waitress will be quick to take over the serving instead. Furthermore, they put in much effort in recommending the dishes that turned out well and their opinions about the dishes are likely to be trustworthy.

Ambience: 8.5
For ambience, this place can be considered to be of modernistic Chinese style. One problem with this place, is perhaps the seats which were not too comfortable unless one is sitting in the most upright position. The designer toilets are more than a place for answering the call of nature, instead it is answering with style.

Overall: 8.5
For such good quality restaurant, sensibly, it has got to be expensive, at about $50 per person. Unless it for on very special occasions, it is not likely that another visit will occur again. For creative and outstanding fusion cuisine, start saving up.


Anonymous dev! said...

not that i wanted to say, but.. it's quite glaring.. "which starts their business at Chinatown", "This restaurant although it is situated in Chinatown is considered to be ", "Hongkee", "totally a melting of cuisines","With Japanese and French influences, but the main focus is Chinese", "meat might appeal deceiving ", "One of the most unique dish", "unless ones is sitting", "it is not likely to be another visit will occur again"
Ahem.. need an editor to help u out for these 3 months? :P

7/5/06 23:20  
Anonymous steven said...

wahahahahhahahahahahahahhahaha.. i jus wanna say hongkee is such a crude slang.. u shld say hongkonger.. =P

8/5/06 11:49  
Blogger bornappleT said...

It's good to have blog fans to read my writings. I apologise for for such disappointment and I shall fix these problems.

8/5/06 12:53  
Anonymous dev! said...

haha.. i'm a fan! :P U haven't told me whether u need a part time editor for these 3 months ;)

8/5/06 16:07  

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