Saturday, October 15, 2005

Gastroliterary 19: Country Manna

General Information:
A small restaurant situated in the 2nd floor of the many shophouses around Serangoon Garden. Country Manna, the restaurant chain which claims to serve country-style western cuisine.

Food: 5
Impression was mediocre. Sauce was too salty, meat was overcooked, carrots were too tough and potatoes tasted bland. Not exactly, a disaster but the pasta with stewed beef was relatively well-done that functioned as a redeemable factor for this meal.

Service: 5
Singapore's campaign of remaking of service came to my mind. I thought this place really need a makeover. Timing of food was awkward as the appetiser came just immediately before the main course after a long hungry wait. Staff were forgivably young and probably lacked of any formal training.

Ambience: 6
The atmosphere was not exactly a old, cosy country style. Instead, it felt dilapidated. It overlooks the more crowded streets in Serangoon Gardens was likely to be the only attractive selling point.

Overall: 5
Amounting to $20 a person should not be considered cheap but the experience felt so. A revisit will most likely happen on a gun-point. However, it must be noted that it rivals Jack's Place anytime where the experience was no less than a tragedy; closed to the extend of casting nightmares.


Anonymous dev! said...

Show me a place which sells good food at LESS than 20 bucks which give u better service than this. You pay what u get.

15/10/05 11:11  
Blogger bornappleT said...

There are a few good examples.
Turkish Cuisine at Suntec. I had that for about $15. But that was few years back so no blog info, and I still can remember. There is also another one which I will acknowledge it in this blog, for 'Ship restaurant'. Of course, you can go to 'Matsuo' and have a $15 meal. I also think that the small stalls at Taka basement are quite nice.

15/10/05 12:03  
Anonymous steven said...

s'goon garden got country manna? hahaha.. i din noe dat~

15/10/05 12:16  
Blogger bornappleT said...

It's less than 1km from your home leh!

15/10/05 13:17  
Anonymous dev! said...

Hmm.. Can an apple be compared to an orange? Perhaps, a more fairer comparison, in terms of cuisine, year of visit, and size of restaurant. ;)

15/10/05 18:14  
Blogger bornappleT said...

Can a local be compared with a foreigner?
I wanted to categorise the type of cuisine but it would be difficult. if it is 'fusion' style, eg, nooch, is it local or is it noodles? They have rice too.
I guess at the end of the day, it will be how you feel.

15/10/05 21:16  
Anonymous dev! said...

ok.. maybe u can go places which sell food with astronomical prices.. then u'll have plenty of nice food to share :)

16/10/05 00:36  
Anonymous steven said...

everyone's selling rojak~
noodle restaurant no longer selling noodles only.. fast-food no longer sell burger & fries only.. competitiveness brings diversity.. aint dat G-O-O-D or wad?! hahahah

16/10/05 01:16  
Blogger bornappleT said...

Nope, I dun go to places with astronomical prices, though I hope to. Black Angus is one of the exception?

diversity does not mean quality.
Although some changes would be exciting and add life into life. But i appreciate those places who sell the same good stuff, and even after ten years, you would still love it. What is nice will always be nice. Okay, I have not experience that yet.

16/10/05 15:04  
Anonymous dev! said...

hmm.. that means.. ur mum's culinary skills declining too? I believe.. home cook food's always the best.. :)

16/10/05 18:37  
Blogger bornappleT said...

dev, I never intend to mean that.
Home cooked food deserves a separate topic on its own.

17/10/05 00:03  

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