Tuesday, May 30, 2006

This is life 6: Hangzhou Experience

A trip to Westlake is almost like a pilgrimage for all travellers to Hangzhou.

This view must have inspired many poets but behind this tranquil scene are sounds of dance music where the many locals dance or do their morning exercise by the lake. Doing exercise by scenic Westlake is entirely refreshing, but such loud sounds for travellers are not exactly welcoming nor inspiring.

Talking about ''Garden City'' Singapore, Hangzhou does post a great challenger to this uniquely Singapore title. Especially when more attractive coloured flowers grow much better in temperate regions. And over the changing seasons, the colours of these gardens change as well. Singapore's gardens are just total stagnant. Unfortunately, in this late May, the cherry and peach blossom season is long over. Otherwise, this trip will be even more stimulating.

In 1988, August the 8th, a typhoon swept across Hangzhou and uprooted 90% of the trees. Hangzhou's authorities, with their surge in their economy, are able to go to great lengths to protect the greens and flowers of the cities; the trees are securely tied during the typhoon season to preserve them.



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