Monday, June 19, 2006

This is life 9: Food and Culture in Great China

China streets provide some adventure for fruit fans. However, bargaining is a must and they use the traditional chinese method of weighing which means they could be out to play some weighing tricks.

Pale red cherries that are quite expensive and are sour.

Most interesting berry that oozes out deep purple juice and probably full of herbal properties. Name unknown and probably not to be found anywhere in Singapore.

These berries sell for a hefty price in Singapore. In China, there are more affordable but it does not mean it is affordable for the general locals.

The best lychees for a smiling concubine. Although these lychees are green; unlike those Thai, red lychees found in Singapore, these are really the best lychees one can ever get and at affordable prices in China. And in Singapore, instead of lychess worthy of the concubine, they are more likely to be suited for the chambermaids.

An afternoon tea at Jinmao will be a place to be for a relaxing afternoon.

With real good cakes and the most importantly, English tea.

But most importantly, this spectacular view is complimentary. Does this view triumphs over any scene seen in Singapore? Singaporeans must admit that it really does. A recommended adventure up in one of the world's tallest buildings.


Anonymous Freddie said...

Lychee fit for the chambermaids...

If there are lychee fit the the smiling concubine, then where are the lychee that's fit for the king?

19/6/06 20:33  
Blogger bornappleT said...

I guess should have, but maybe is a gift only given to the chinese communist party.

22/6/06 15:28  

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