Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Food Review 6: Noodle Delights


General Information
Location: City-Link Mall

Misfortune has prevailed. Having successfully shuned away from 'Nooch' for a period of 5 years, I had no other option but to step into 'Nooch' once again, this time unwillingly.
However, after 5 years, I guess it would have changed for the better and that probably is timely for another review so that it would have another chance to redeem itself. Analysis of Nooch is done using an objective view which utilises the SRGS, Standard Restaurant Grading System.

Food: 4.5

Chasiew Ramen ($12) and Szechuan Ramen ($12)
This ramen comes with generous portion of fresh spring onion. The chasiew is nicely chopped, tender and contains little fat. Unfortunately, the soup base is bland, not expected of what a ramen should be. To make matter worse, the temperature of the soup could be best describe as cold. It is likely that the kitchen is so far, that by the time the bowl reaches the table it had turned cold. Or perhaps it could be the chef did not want to burn the hands of the seemingly pretty waitress. I think that alone had caused it to be disaster.

Service: 6

The waitress who took the orders and serveed our food did an average job. I asked for noodles with tempura, but she thought that such combination is of no existent, until later that I took a closer look at the menu and discovered that it was on the menu.

Ambience: 7.5

The only redeemable fact was that the place is spacious, clean and evoked a modern atmosphere. Although the chairs and tables were not too comfortable, the place was actually above average, where one could observed the crowds passing by through the glass covered surroundings.

Overall: 5.5

The current experience added with what occurred 5 years ago, would equate to me turning away from 'Nooch' as long as possble. I guess it receives much patronage would be that its interior is comfortable, other than that no good reason to visit Nooch.


Anonymous steven said...

u're finally back...wohoho~

21/7/05 09:17  

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