Thursday, June 15, 2006

Gastroliterary 41: Noodle Delights

''Just Noodles'' located at Suntec City's circle of food where all humans are surrounded by food. Ironically, this ''Just Noodles'' serve not just noodles but also rice dishes as well. But perhaps this ''Just Noodles'' means life is good by eating just noodles.

This is a place more expensive than the conventional food court but a more fuss-free than a restaurant. Providing another alternative price range for their customers, and with a place for sitting down after walking throught the massive mall of Suntec.

It is quite rare for the staff to greet their customers as they enter but this ''Just Noodles'' is an exception. The verdict for the food is very acceptable but nothing quite memorable. Price range: $5 to $15.


Anonymous dev! said...

16/6/06 20:10  
Anonymous Freddie said...

you had a spelling mistake. staff, not stuff. and u din rate the place in terms of food, service, ambience etc, unlike your other Gastroliterary. You also din comment on the interior design and the free flow of drinks if purchase a set meal. Nice pic though. HAHA!!!

17/6/06 00:45  
Blogger bornappleT said...

This place does not have service charge, so rating it will not be fair compare those who charge more.

dev!: this is only a perspective of the western world that do not know what is going on in properous sg. So sg may not top in the world for this ranking, but in our hearts, sg is always no.1.

17/6/06 15:08  
Anonymous steven said...

where is my pay?!

18/6/06 00:52  
Blogger Lionel said...

Food critic hmmm....interesting :)
maybe more ratings ba bout e atmosphere n the surroundings erc!

19/6/06 10:03  

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