Saturday, February 18, 2006

Gastroliterary 33: Jurong Hill

13 January 2006

Jurong Hill Top Restaurant located a unique location; in the midst of a forested hill while over looking industrious Jurong Island. The hill is probably not one of the highest peak in Singapore, still the trip of going up a hill to find a restaurant cannot be more trilling. On arrival, the place looked like time has backtracked, to the 80s and this place is a coffee-mix place where Japanese and Indonesian cuisine are served within the same restaurant.

Food was ordered and the first thing came sashimi. I was astounded for the wasabi was put directly into the soya sauce; they are supposed to be separated. There cannot be further amusement as there was a piece of lime. For some relief, the few pieces of fish was edible but the price at $30 could be the cause of the indigestion.

I thought the sukiyaki set could not be worse. The beef and vegetables was cooked before it arrived and the egg was raw; it was the contrast of the day. It could helped if the food tasted decent but not even hope can save it. The seafood ramen at its best is considered instant noodles and I am not saying that it is another disaster; some instant noodles can be really good. The only credits given will be the constant filling up the cups of green tea which was decently good enough. This place deserve a 5 for food.

Service was generally prompt and friendly; with a non-fuss service, this place had to be given a 6.5.

The place overlooked far to the depths of Jurong Island, with vast amounts of polluting plants. However the view was blocked by some tall trees and the obsecure windows. The visiting crowd was rather unusual because there was an array of races and nationalities sitted together around a table. The busy Jurong Islanders flocked over to Jurong Hill for some liberation. 6.5

At over $20 a person for such a meal, scaling Jurong Hill is unnecessary. 5.5


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