Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Gastroliterary 38: Korean experience at Auntie Kim's

A Korean restaurant in Thomson Road brings Korean food close to the heartlanders. And of course, this is perhaps one of the better ways to fulfil one's Koreanophile's desires, where such craze is diffusing into the Singapore society.

Friendly service starts at the door. The Korean atmosphere is quickly set in; the waiters and waitresses are dressed very presentably, with the waitresses in in seemingly Korean dresses, and some even look Korean.

Service: 8
It is quite a comfortable place to be in except that the leg's space is cramped like a ride on an economy carrier because of the barbeque station in the middle of every table.

Ambience: 7.5

Three sets were being ordered, inclusive of six side dishes served and kimchi being one of the side dish. No one can ever forget kimchi, which is the quickest thing to come to mind when one mentions Korean food. It is interesting to note that the restaurants claims that their kimchi is homemade. Most of these side dishes were cold vegetables which prepares the stomach for the hot sizzling food of spicy kimchi soup ($14.50), fried Korean pancake ($16) and chicken in hot plate ($14.50). The kimchi soup was spicy, flavour was full and appetite-inducing, while the chicken was marinated well, although it would be healthier if there was less sinful fats. The pancake was rather unique because it somehow resembles the localised fried oyster but minus the thick grease and replace the oysters with prawns and squid.

Food: 7.5

Unfortunately, in this restaurant, Korean tea comes at $0.50 and rice at $1.

Overall, one does not have to be a Koreanophile to enjoy food from this place. Prices are not overpriced at all, in fact quite reasonable, other than the fact that they charge extra for tea and rice. One can expect to have a good Korean experience with a budget of less than $20. Do expect crowds even on a weekday's night. A last bit of information to be aware of is that, customers are sent off in such a way that the restaurant's workers cannot wait for the same customers to be back again. So it is likely that anyone who patronise this restuarant for the first time, they are going to get hooked. It is very unlike the Tomoe, which is just beside likeable Auntie Kim's.

Overall: 8


Anonymous dev! said...

so.. koreans have better manners than japanese? anyway, i think the steamboat IS the first thing that comes to mind for korean cuisines.. I had it when i went to perth that time too

11/5/06 21:42  
Blogger bornappleT said...

Cant really generalise manners. which part of the blog suggest this? but of cos, most of the waiters, waitersess are likely to be Singaporeans. I dun think there's steamboat @ Aunt Kim's.

12/5/06 00:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was really very cool eating down there.. the people there are quite nice.. and there was a staff dat looked like a killer. when u left they insisted on opening the door for u... i cannot say if it was authentic korean food but it was a pleasant experience.

18/5/06 23:23  
Blogger bornappleT said...

Mr Anon, thank you for sharing your experience.

20/5/06 07:37  

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