Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Foreign Journey: Quebec City 3

Quebec City is really a city deep in history and architectural beauty.
The most beautiful view in Quebec City, right from the citadel. A strategic site for any sights of approaching enemies during the colonial days.
The ice cold St Lawrence river, one of the largest rivers in the world, one of the greatest, most majestic sights.
Ship transporting people across the St Lawrence river.
On the streets, overlooking the lower part of the city.
Approaching the upper town, to the lower town of Petit Champlain which is situated outside of the city walls. It can now be clearly understood why UNESCO named Quebec City as one of their UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The view of the citadel outside of the city walls.

The grand view of Chateau de Frontenac.
Grand St Lawrence river for an upclose experience.

The citadel.
Although Quebec City is deep in history, yet it is essentially a modern city with very modern prices. For example, photocopying cost $0.50CAN per page.

Despite being a historic city, it really has many surprises for visitors.
A seat in a shoe shop, displaying playfulness and creativity.

With any chance, a visit to this beautiful city should be done at some point in time of one's life.
Of foreign journey.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh man... The pics are really Beautiful! Especially the view of Quebec City taken from the citadel. Really nice. =)


5/4/07 14:25  
Anonymous dev! said...

The architectures are magnificent ^_^

7/4/07 22:13  

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