Friday, March 30, 2007

Foreign Journey: Quebec City 2

Quebec's ice hotel, one of the two ice hotels in the world. The other one, being in Sweden.

Just at the entrance, an entire armchair made of ice. The journey to this ice hotel may not be as comfortable as this ice armchair. Due to its uniqueness, it cost $12CAN for the entrance, and $30CAN for a 45minutes bus ride return trip from Quebec City.
The interior temperature is 4 degrees below freezing, somewhat warmer than the outside air. To warm up further, the hotel even has a fireplace made from ice. Only the toilets are heated to room temperatures, the rest is made from ice.

The grandeur of the hotel. In order to achieve ice with crystal clear structures, reverse osmosis process is being used to manufacture the ice, rather than extracting them from the rivers.There is even an art gallery in the hotel

And even a chapel, where couples can hold their weddings in the hotel.

As well as arctic spas for guests to enjoy in.For some drinks, alcohol in a ice glass can be purchased at the counter for an icy price of $6.50CAN.
A night at the ice hotel cost a cool price of $600CAN, where guests get to sleep on ice beds, covered with fur and wrap in thick winter jacket.
For every suite, there is a entire different design and theme.

The chess theme.
Even students get to participate in the honour of constructing and designing of a ice hotel room.

The igloo theme, probably the coolest of all.
Just like the Roman empire, nothing great last; the ice hotel ends it glorious days by March.



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