Friday, March 02, 2007

Foreign Rail Travel

The misty banks of Lake Ontario from Toronto to Montreal. The train journey took about 6 hours, one hour behind the scheduled time. Rail ticket cost about C$180, not a cheap travel, but probably the better option in an expensive country.
Train loads of goods.
Frozen rail tracks during the deep Canadian winter.
A Canadian winter sunset in the open ice fields. Hardly a living soul in sight.
It is only in such a moment that the sunset can be truly appreciated. Of foreign travel.



Anonymous dev! said...

ontario? then did u call up joe?

3/3/07 14:55  
Anonymous balex said...

He is in Ontario, California. Ontario, Canada is more than 2000miles away.

6/3/07 07:30  
Anonymous dev! said...

wah... so different

7/3/07 23:43  

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