Sunday, March 25, 2007

Foreign Journey: Quebec City

Following beautiful Montreal, comes Quebec City, the capital of Quebec.

It is mostly unique as the only walled-city in North America, and that it resembles a typical European small city, much more than Montreal.
Even though it may be February, Quebec still have the festive year end atmosphere.

Parc des Champs-de-Bataille- Quebec's Battlefields Park, filled with fields of snow instead during winter.

It was indeed a luxurious hotel, with a luxurious price tag for a night stay. Travelers could join their tour at the hotel for $8CAN instead.

The green roof top is made of copper, which through the ages of more than 30 years, react to become copper oxide, thus producing the beautiful green. Within less than 30 years, most Singaporean buildings would have been long be demolished and be upgraded to new modern buildings. Thus, such encounter is truly unique.

The citadel of Quebec, once guarded heavily by the French from the invasion from English and the Americans, had to build high walls to surround this important city.
Some replications and interesting lessons on the history of Quebec. Quite a number of the first batch of the French colonials, could not survive the harsh Quebec winter.

Some unique way of communication in Quebec.

Quebec's streets at night.

Some local Quebecois food of meat balls and potatoes. Despite the deep history in the deep winter, this is some Quebec humour.



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