Thursday, March 01, 2007

Of foreign weather 3

When travelling or living in Canada, one of the daily task is to check the weather forecast. Temperatures and weather conditions changes just like the volatile stock markets. One day it may be around freezing point, the next, 10 degrees below freezing. A moment calm and sunny, the next gusty winds blow from all directions. One should wonder what is the purpose of weather forecast in Singapore, since everyday is virtually the same weather conditions. Whether there is weather forecast in Singapore or not, it does not make any difference at all.

To make matters more interesting, varying weather conditions and weather warnings go on throughout the year. Weather warnings include snow squall, winter storm, blowing snow, blizzard, freezing rain, ice pallets, ice storm, strong winds, wind chills, just some weather warnings during the winter period. Watching the weather watch in Canada, can be as exciting a roller coaster ride itself. Clearly, no roller coaster ride in Singapore is worthy of any mentioning.

Snow covered Queen's park.



Anonymous balex said...

School was cancelled in the afternoon on 1st of March due to freezing rain warnings; unique experience.

3/3/07 04:37  
Anonymous dev! said...

cant see the pictures leh~

3/3/07 14:54  
Anonymous balex said...

On 6th March, an arctic blast caused temperatures in Toronto to plummet to -20 in the early morning, with a windchill of -30.

6/3/07 11:29  

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