Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Foreign Journey: Montreal 2

A second day in the largest city of Quebec Province, Montreal.
A twin package visit to Biodome and the Olympic Village cost 16.50CAD.
Tropical piranah.
In Biodome, visitors get to experience 4 different climates and their respective animals and plants. It includes tropical, temperature, marsh and antarctica, and all under one common roof. Speaking of seeing the world.

Montreal, like Singapore, is a city built upon an island. As with Montreal, Singapore also hosted several world class events, including the Olympics seminar, and the only difference, will be the absence of hosting an international sporting event. Just as Singapore's ambition and appetite grow disproportionaly over its area, hosting an such an event, will soon be on this island state's never ending aim list.

A swimming pool, used during the Olympics during the 1976 event.

The ride up the Olympic tower, almost like a roller coaster.
Up on the tower, the winter city of Montreal can be enjoyed.
It may be white and foggy, with buildings and landscape being obscure, it is perhaps a better way to view the world.
Nature's white fog and snow, covering up the human world; from the truth behind, the ugly hidden.
As for the summer, the unobstructed view, where all the buildings can be observed and be seen.
The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. To acknowledge that this musuem is first-class, reflects little about the true quality of Montreals' art scene. This musuem holds permanent art works of famous artist like Picasso and Monet. Although Montreal may seem a little too far off from the island state of Singapore, it nevertheless a great city with vibrant arts scene. In any case, much more vibrant than Singapore.
A visit to the Archaelogical Musuem, where the history of Montreal, back from the French Colonial age till the recent age, is being showcase. Another point of interest, both Singapore and Montreal were colonial states previously.

Up on the observatory deck, the view of frozen river port of Montreal. Obviously, shipping lines have to be stop during the cold winter period.

And a dinner in Montreal, visited by even the famous and the rich. If not for the winter, waiting times will be extremely long, and the queues stretch endlessly. According to the waiter, the lines can stretch for several hundred of metres and waiting time can be several hours.
It is simple smoked meat, with fries and bread. This meat goes well with the mustard, and the fried goes well with the vinegar. Probably at around CAD$9, it cannot be considered cheap, but in the city of Montreal, it is a cheap dinner.
It may looked like a typical Singaporean coffee shop, except that it is enclosed to shut itself from the winter air outside.
After the dinner, it is a good idea to visit the shops and bars around Montreal, where it is famous for its nightlife.
Of foreign life, night life.



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