Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Foreign Weather 4

Singapore has probably got the most unhappening weather, which really raise the question of how necessity weather forecasting is.
On the 5th of March, some highways and roads were closed due to ice sheets, as large as a table top, fell down from the CN tower. Ice was formed due to the freezing rain last week and fell as a result of strong winds.

And on 6th March, an arctic blast struck Ontario and Quebec, plummeting temperatures. In Toronto, the morning temperatures went to 20 below zero, and 36 below zero when factoring in the wind chill.
As such, the weather centre issued an extreme cold alert,
as well as wind chill warning.
Of foreign weather.



Anonymous dev! said...

so are u missing singapore's hot n sunny weather? lol

7/3/07 23:40  
Anonymous balex said...

Actually not really, lol. In fact, winter can be quite beautiful. Winter's ending soon, I might be missing it instead.

8/3/07 10:03  

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