Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Foreign Journey: Montreal 3

A visit to the highest peak on the Montreal island. Similar to Bukit Timah, it is name Mont Royale.
This is the amount of activities available during the winter on Mont Royale.
And a cemetery is situated on a part of this hill.
Although, the day may seem bright, with clear skies, memories will remain that this moment was the coldest of all experiences. Likely to be much colder than the freezer compartment, it was definetely below 20 below zero. Plastic buckles on the bags started to snap, plastic wallet started to break while coins fall all over the snow-covered ground, and water in bottles start to turn solid. Hands started to numb, ears started to ache, and heart pounded ever faster, to keep the body from shutting down.

A church on Mont Royale.One of the many art works collected by the church, where one of it even originates from Singapore.
The interiors of the church.

The view of the city from Mont Royale.
The crowded streets of modern downtown Montreal.
Montreal may seem so far and foreign to Singapore, but for every Singaporean who watches "Just for Laughs", on TVmobile, will have to know this show originates from this city. What this show signifies for this city or this country, is the amount of creativity people display, the great sense of humour people portray, the willingness to help others, and the sheer tolerance for differences among each other. What could be just mere entertainment on a bus ride in sunny Singapore, is a reflection of how different culture may be, in a foreign modern metropolis.
Of foreign journey.



Anonymous dev! said...

so were u tricked?

22/3/07 01:07  
Anonymous balex said...

I think, from the show, you can tell that it's summer time, so no, I din get a chance to get tricked, laugh, wave to the camera, and appear on Tvmobile

22/3/07 05:33  

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