Monday, February 26, 2007

Of Foreign Weather 2

Not a fairy tale, but a foreign story come true. Snow really do comes in infinite fanciful shapes.

Not all snowstorm are able to produce such define, visible snowflakes, but when it does, it can be quite beautiful, and the cold can be easily be forgotten.

A car covered almost entirely by snow.

Such freezing weather make it ideal for ice sculpting. A bear drinking ice cola out in the cold.

However, such weather also creates falling icicle that start falling when the sun shines upon them or when the temperature fluctuates above the freezing mark.

Water from a broken pipe that turn solid once they are exposed to the cold air.

Snow may be white naturally, but once they enter the human world, they transform.

They transform from white, to beige, to brown, and finally black. While the streets blanket in white after a snowstorm, they soon turn to the unsightly form after mixing in with the streets of the humans.

Is the snow black or is the human world black?

Black snow and black ice mixed with fresh white snow. It takes something white to reveal the black within.

And everyone brings home a little snow.



Blogger mamoo said...

i wanna see snow too but i doubt it'll snow in Daejeon judging by the temperature lately. sigh..

28/2/07 23:50  
Anonymous dev! said...

the snow flakes are damn nice!

1/3/07 20:37  
Anonymous balex said...

yes, they are really really nice.

2/3/07 07:39  

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