Thursday, February 08, 2007

This is life 29: Of foreign people

In many information sources, guidebooks, they often mention that Canadians are friendly people. Upon arrival, it seems true. Friendly people are quite almost present in many places. Shopkeepers or salesperson would say the few magic phrases of 'Hi' and 'Thank you' and 'Have a nice day'. In many cases, people would hold the door for each other and would apologise if they accidentally get into each other's way.
It is relatively to travel on the roads, because the drivers are really patient and would usually allow passengers to cross the road, even when the traffic indicates the 'red man'.
Cars would have to stop and allow passengers to alight or board the streetcar, which stop in the middle of the road.
It is possible to detect at least 5 different languages spoken by the people along the streets. Of course, English being the most common, with Cantonese, French and Korean being the majority. It may be puzzling to Singaporeans that most Chinese in Toronto speak Cantonese much more frequently than Mandarin. However, outside the tiny island, this is the truth. Canada government, other than compulsory English, allows every immigrant to practice and retain their own cultures.
And everyone have to know their English, even the conspicuous Chinese uncle behind the counter selling Chinese herbs; with a Canadian accent to complement.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

:) mamoo

11/2/07 23:58  
Anonymous dev! said...

would the train stop for the passengers too?

20/2/07 21:07  

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