Sunday, February 26, 2006

Durian Daily 28: Winter Olympics

Many people seemed not to take note the on-going Winter Olympics held because little news was floating. It was relatively reasonable because no Singaporean atheletes are available to gain glory for the island nation.

However, it is not until the most populous country in the world started to warm up their medal takings a few days from the start of this sporting event that the media start to rake about the games. And warming up does not mean achieving the gold, but even the 10th or 16th position.

The mentioning of most countries on the Western hemisphere achieving their gold medals, is only as brief as the sunset. Thus, it does not really matter if one achieves any first position in any sporting event so long as one is from the top of the world; it ensures one is being praised in the local newspaper. Not only that, they are given details into how they actually miss their opportunity of attaining gold, and that they will be making a comeback in 2010.

Of course, the great moment has to arrive. And no other countries are able to grab such great attention. (South Korea comes a far second.) Just when the rattling is mostly on them, one has the illusion that they are the host country, or even the only country participating. Italy the host? For a moment, one cannot be too sure.

Yes, (news from Feb 2006 as well) for the next Olympics in 2008, no one will have any hallucinations. It is the truth. (because the newspaper has already start to talk about them way way before it starts.)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Supermarket Spree 5: Korean Strawberries

The rising Korean wave has taken to the depths of even strawberries. These new fashionable fruit could transform one's Korean romantic fantasy into mouthful of reality.

Interestingly, Korean hostility shown towards their neighbouring agressor-Japan, contrast well with the Japanese hiragana script. But the
deep strawberries' aroma makes one forget the disturbing irony. Instead, attention is now focused on the protaganist and makes one wonder if the taste could be as charming.

One could easily envision the blood red colouring of the berries to be the temptation of one's life-kissable sausage lips and the freshness of new romantic television series. When tasted, the sweetness was really light and subtle, in light of the richness of colour and smell. One's common notion of how strawberries taste like could well be undermined with Korea's MaeHyang strawberries. Could it be a new experiment's results from Korean's obsession with life science? Or the normal strawberries just have too many pesticides on them?

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Gastroliterary 33: Jurong Hill

13 January 2006

Jurong Hill Top Restaurant located a unique location; in the midst of a forested hill while over looking industrious Jurong Island. The hill is probably not one of the highest peak in Singapore, still the trip of going up a hill to find a restaurant cannot be more trilling. On arrival, the place looked like time has backtracked, to the 80s and this place is a coffee-mix place where Japanese and Indonesian cuisine are served within the same restaurant.

Food was ordered and the first thing came sashimi. I was astounded for the wasabi was put directly into the soya sauce; they are supposed to be separated. There cannot be further amusement as there was a piece of lime. For some relief, the few pieces of fish was edible but the price at $30 could be the cause of the indigestion.

I thought the sukiyaki set could not be worse. The beef and vegetables was cooked before it arrived and the egg was raw; it was the contrast of the day. It could helped if the food tasted decent but not even hope can save it. The seafood ramen at its best is considered instant noodles and I am not saying that it is another disaster; some instant noodles can be really good. The only credits given will be the constant filling up the cups of green tea which was decently good enough. This place deserve a 5 for food.

Service was generally prompt and friendly; with a non-fuss service, this place had to be given a 6.5.

The place overlooked far to the depths of Jurong Island, with vast amounts of polluting plants. However the view was blocked by some tall trees and the obsecure windows. The visiting crowd was rather unusual because there was an array of races and nationalities sitted together around a table. The busy Jurong Islanders flocked over to Jurong Hill for some liberation. 6.5

At over $20 a person for such a meal, scaling Jurong Hill is unnecessary. 5.5

Saturday, February 11, 2006

This is life 2: A Truely Asia Experience

Malaysia is truly Asian. It has scenic landscapes and great towering buildings.

Across the causeway, a land of uniqueness transform to an Asian one.Mountain ranges overlooking plains of plantations.

Interesting giant fish, with coins thrown on its back by tourist. Some Chinese tourists had to be stopped because the whole load of passengers on the bus were waiting for them.
Beautiful dwellings of Malaysia, not just in Singapore.

In Kuala Lumpur, like every big city, it has endless construction undone.

Malaysia does have its subtle scenic views that Singapore lacks. And land plots of land that Singapore desires.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Durian Daily 27: No Riding

Just when some observers thought China's culture is about to get popular in Singapore, it still a long tedious way to go.

Singaporeans do get fine for riding the humble bicycle.

As China's storm continue to surge, this sign will soon become obsolete.
Because riding is the culture.

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