Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Gastroliterary 49: Japanese @ Noodle House Ken

In response to a reader's keen interest in Noodle House Ken, a revisit to this Japanese ramen had taken place.

This restaurant has 3 different dining settings for customer to choose from. From the al-fresco, to the interact-with-chef, to the Singaporeans' favourite-the air-conditioned indoors, customers are able to choose the surroundings to suit their mood and desire.

Menus both in English and Japanese are brought to the customers. However, after some exploration, it was realised that there is one menu entirely in Japanese and there was no translation in any part of the menu. Upon enquiring the waitresses, the menu is supposed to cater to the ethnic Japanese rather than locals.

One item from the 'all Japanese' menu was ordered, however. It was boiled vegetables with sesame sauce ($5). Although this dish may seemed to be simple, it was really satisfying and refreshing. Next, some side dish of fried pork ($5) and fried chicken ($5) were ordered. Quite appetising these 2 dish were, however, the oil involved in them really needs the customer's second thoughts. The pork had this chewy texture that actually could imprint a certain tempting sensation in the mind even it was days since the visit.

Next on the line will be the protogonist of this small Japanese restaurant-the ramen ($8-$12). The soup had this depth in its taste, which created this image that it had been cooked slowly with pork bones for many hours. Noodles were of right texture which was complimented well with the corn and spring onions. However, the pork slices with the ramen was quite the disappointment for the whole meal. The pork was quite bland and by cutting into large slices, it will take much effort to finish just one piece off. In a fair opinion, the ramen served here is really better than the average chained stores found all over the island nation. And at very similar prices.

No one, visiting this restaurant can forget about ordering a mug of Asahi ($6). Fresh from its keg, it is one of the smoothiest beer around. It will help to enhance the overall meal, bringing it up to a new level of sensation.

The restaurant may be quite unkempt because of some things were left around and misplaced menus. Even the pork for the ramen was placed beside the basin. It would seemed to be unexpected from a Japanese restaurant. This could potentially ruined the restaurant's presentation, althought the restaurants serves rather decent food.

Food: 7.5
Service: 6.5
Ambience: 6.5
Overall: 7

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Supermarket Spree 9: Sodaism

An interesting drink with an interesting packaging. With Taiwanese entertaining culture, yet this drink is from Korea.

If ''Milk Sodaism'' does not sound appealing, then the drink is neither as well, because this drink is exactly what the name describes-carbonated drink with a taste of strawberry milk.

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