Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Durian Daily 23: Local Newspaper dominated by Chinese News

Durian Daily detected a China-dominated news in the same (freaking) day, right smack on the cover page, in a local newspaper.

There are speculations on China plans to control the world.
It seems that the local media is also not spared from this supremacy of might and influence of this awakening power. The newspaper sections, newly introduced, which focuses on this great country's news, seems not enough at all. Even the other sections, including the spaces on the front page have to give up the space for China's valuable news.

Being now the centre of attention, China is set to expand its influences even greater, and this inexorable. The obsession of the new Chinese fever is set to take the world by storm.


Anonymous steven said...

if u cant beat them.. join them.. wahahaha

21/12/05 17:23  
Anonymous dev! said...

I love china! *pui*

21/12/05 22:59  
Anonymous balex said...

I also love them!

22/12/05 20:10  

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