Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Supermarket Spree 5: Korean Strawberries

The rising Korean wave has taken to the depths of even strawberries. These new fashionable fruit could transform one's Korean romantic fantasy into mouthful of reality.

Interestingly, Korean hostility shown towards their neighbouring agressor-Japan, contrast well with the Japanese hiragana script. But the
deep strawberries' aroma makes one forget the disturbing irony. Instead, attention is now focused on the protaganist and makes one wonder if the taste could be as charming.

One could easily envision the blood red colouring of the berries to be the temptation of one's life-kissable sausage lips and the freshness of new romantic television series. When tasted, the sweetness was really light and subtle, in light of the richness of colour and smell. One's common notion of how strawberries taste like could well be undermined with Korea's MaeHyang strawberries. Could it be a new experiment's results from Korean's obsession with life science? Or the normal strawberries just have too many pesticides on them?


Anonymous dev! said...

next time treat us some la.. though i dun eat strawberry.. maybe i can have strawberry milkshake?

22/2/06 01:17  
Anonymous steven said...

u veri picky leh... ppl dun eat the unusual stuff.. u dun eat the usual stuff

22/2/06 02:01  
Blogger bornappleT said...

I also know you dun eat chilli, maybe you like to some chilli shake as well? chilli from Indonesia?

23/2/06 00:39  
Anonymous dev! said...

that'll be called 'cabai'.. my test is next week.. n i havent studied.. :P

23/2/06 14:19  
Anonymous steven said...

all my test i haben study yet.. hows dat? sian ar!!!

23/2/06 14:26  
Anonymous balex said...

many people also like to say they haven study, but it doesn't matter as long as they get an A.

24/2/06 01:22  
Anonymous dev! said...

steven: u're not alone. I havent studied for all my tests too.. and in the meantime, i still have my projects to do!! *argh* balex: Ya lor, i wish i can get A too

24/2/06 08:54  
Anonymous dev! said...

oh ya.. for ppl who didn't do well for mid term tests.. DON'T worry.. coz.. it won't have any effect on ur final grade. Only the final exam counts, from my prev experience

24/2/06 08:56  
Anonymous steven said...

"many people also like to say they haven study, but it doesn't matter as long as they get an A"
u said it alot of times.. and alot of times A has eluded me.. somehow it does apply to me(us.. incl weili.. haha) so alex.. stop talking crap lidat can?!?!?! im not NK!!! haha..

24/2/06 10:20  

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