Sunday, February 26, 2006

Durian Daily 28: Winter Olympics

Many people seemed not to take note the on-going Winter Olympics held because little news was floating. It was relatively reasonable because no Singaporean atheletes are available to gain glory for the island nation.

However, it is not until the most populous country in the world started to warm up their medal takings a few days from the start of this sporting event that the media start to rake about the games. And warming up does not mean achieving the gold, but even the 10th or 16th position.

The mentioning of most countries on the Western hemisphere achieving their gold medals, is only as brief as the sunset. Thus, it does not really matter if one achieves any first position in any sporting event so long as one is from the top of the world; it ensures one is being praised in the local newspaper. Not only that, they are given details into how they actually miss their opportunity of attaining gold, and that they will be making a comeback in 2010.

Of course, the great moment has to arrive. And no other countries are able to grab such great attention. (South Korea comes a far second.) Just when the rattling is mostly on them, one has the illusion that they are the host country, or even the only country participating. Italy the host? For a moment, one cannot be too sure.

Yes, (news from Feb 2006 as well) for the next Olympics in 2008, no one will have any hallucinations. It is the truth. (because the newspaper has already start to talk about them way way before it starts.)


Anonymous steven said...

yes yes yes.. WORLD DOMINATION by the chinese.. & b4 anione slams mi.. they're CHINA's chinese..
"qu si ba! niao ren!"

26/2/06 01:09  
Anonymous dev! said...

"catch CHINA, while u can!"

26/2/06 11:52  
Anonymous balex said...

how to catch? I have no money in the start.

2/3/06 00:40  

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