Sunday, March 16, 2008

Japan 16: Osaka

Reaching Osaka takes less than one hour by express train from Kyoto. Although there is the option of taking the bullet train, the train arrives at Shin-Osaka Station where passengers need to transfer to the local train to reach Osaka Station, the main station in this city.

Osaka, the second largest city of Japan.

Visitors to Osaka can choose to purchase a 2000円 one day pass, where there is an unlimited rides on the metro system, free entry to some of the attractions and some others having a discount. It is probably a real good deal especially for visitors who have limited time and want to visit as many places as possible in a single day.

One important site in Osaka is the Osaka castle, which is a remodel of the previously destroyed castle. It probably makes some magnificent view during the sakura season in the Osaka Gardens surrounding the castle.

A view of the city from the top of the castle.

In order to make full use of the day pass, visitors can take a complementary shuttle service in the form of a carnival train to the nearby train station. Along the way, there was an expected groups of school children having their class excursion.

Japanese children are generally well-behaved, but could not resist the checking the passing train.

The kid on the left probably reminds one of the character in the famous comic series of Doraemon.

A sea cruise around the port of Osaka.

Initially, visitors might find it quite exciting, but after just viewing bridges, warehouses, buildings along the coast for more than one hour, it can be really exhausting. The ride cost more than 2000円, so visitors should only come to visit this cruise ferry only if they have the pass.

Several ferris wheel can be seen around the city. And unfortunately, the day pass does not cover this attraction.

Domtonburi, an extremely long shopping alley. It caters more to the local people rather than the bargain hunters from abroad.

One interesting visit with the pass will be the observatory tower of the Mori tower, the tallest building in this part of the world.

The view of the Osaka castle through the lens of the free binoculars. There is a coin slot for the binoculars, but probably no one utilises it; it will do good to mankind to make free for all the visitors. This is of course in contrast with the commercial image of Osaka.

The staggering amount of concrete jungle.

The urbanised landscape with hills as the background.

The sunset of Osaka.

The daily pass allows free access to the metro system of Osaka.
But certain restrictions do apply.
Even though the attractions are worth a visit.


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