Saturday, April 29, 2006

Gastroliterary 36: Japanese x: Tamako

Tamako, a Japanese restaurant tuck away in the quiet Upper Thomsons Road, is a no frills, simple and for the budget-conscious place for Japanese cuisine. Owned by a Japanese lady, this restaurant did not increase their prices for several years in the midst of the supposedly great economic boom of Singapore, only until recently, they increase marginally.

Their prices are really very economical. For instance a Japanese set meal cost only over $6. With appetizers, dessert and drinks included, it is unlikely one can exceed a budget of $20 per person. However, judging by the prices cannot determine one restaurant's true quality. Food, in most cases plays an essential role. Probably not very good, but still it should be better than most places in those overcrowded food courts. One recommended dish is their Sapporo ramen priced at a humble $7. (Food: 6.5 Service: 5)

The additional plus point of this place is that, one does not need to squeeze your way through the crowds and be swift in reserving a seat at the food courts. Although this place is termed ''simple'', it does have the most essential equipment for tropical Singapore, air-conditioned. One thing to take note is that this place experience the cruel blaze of the sunset, so one should visit this place after 7pm for a less blinding dinner. (Ambience: 4 Overall: 7)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Supermarket Spree 7: Clip Products

Exotic snacks from Turkey with exotic prices of just 50 cents a pack. The sesam filled sticks are frankly, not worth a try. While the pizza-sticks are relatively much pleasing, but probably most doctors will advice one to refrain from due to its exceptional high content of salt. Otherwise this tomato flavoured snack is quite a catch.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Durian Daily 31: Target Exposed

From Lianhe Zaobao. While trying to showcase their talents in comic creativity, the local media seems to have a fetish in illustrating some foreign authorities in unfavourable light.
It is quite a wonder to a Singaporean that this local newspaper does not have any lawsuit charges against them. And it would be interesting to note that the comics do not portray certain countries, not because they are trivial, but perhaps too important to put under such demeaning situation.

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