Friday, September 02, 2005

Spa Online 5: The Art of Acting

Just like a spa treatment, learning the art of acting is good for everyone.

Uses of acting:
A career
Survival skill

A career:
Needless to say, having a great acting skills may assure one exciting career as an actor or for theatre works. However, this is not the main the focus of Spa Online.

Survival skill:
Now attention is giving way to surival skills using the art of acting. Inevitably, everyone needs at least a small amount of acting skills in order to survive in this rapid-paced society. In other words, if one is alive reading this Spa Online article, one has at least some acting skills. However, it is the duty of Spa Online to highlight this particular phenomenon and make it a conscious knowledge.

How is acting skills use in life?
For example, when being interviewed for a television program, one has to present one's best image and give the right answers (not necessary the answer that you think), so as not to be accused of slandering or be at risked of being sued. By doing so, some form of acting comes into place.

For example, in making business, like a telemarketing, one has to look for opportunities by engaging with others. Therefore, behaviours such as calling up a 'long-lost friend' and pretending to be concern with his current situation (although his mind only cares about making his business). This requires a considerable amount of acting skills so that the wolf's tailis well-hidden.

For example, one has to pretend to enjoy a conversation and engage it actively (although one of the party is not interested) so that he will not be seen as unsociable, haughty or unfriendly. Thus, acting skill comes into handy when dealing with socialising occasions as well. And socialising is an important activity that directly affects one's business deals, one's reputation, one's safety. In short, one's survival rate.

How to improve on acting skills:
Joining an acting class may be quite useful. Acquiring the art of acting during national service may save one from doing extra duties. However. experiencing life and learning from others as well as mistakes may be even more importatn.

Acting skills are important. Whether it is (as listed above), avoiding difficult situation, or making a business deal or even socialising with fellow human creatures, acting skills are essential tools to ensure survival. Thus, Spa Online advises everyone to keep on acting and increase the probability of surviving in this society.

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