Sunday, August 07, 2005

Spa Online 4: Mahjong (iv) Finale

Life is a precious thing and mahjong is such a great gift, created for the delights of everyone.
Indeed, worthy of comparing to a real-life spa treatment. Not just merely for the amusement for man, but more importantly, for the good and well-being of living in this society.

After your readings of the previous three series of Spa Online, here are some counters for countering the counter arguments that some may be countering on the wonderful benefits of mahjong.

Mahjong cannot be compared with life in a capitalist society.
Of course, mahjong cannot totally represent life, but is able to be a miniature model of life. Many qualities required in succeding in mahjong, is also needed for life. Thus be reflecting on what mahjong is about, one is able to understand life better.

Mahjong is a form of gambling and is wasting one's time.
As one has seen, mahjong resembles a huge part of life. Definitely, earning moneyor being successful requires amongst the numerous qualities; efficient, decisive, alert, some form of acting, schemes, plots. Mahjong requires them too, but perhaps to a lesser degree. In a sense, if you are to condone life in a capitalist society, you should also condone the game of mahjong.
If playing mahjong is a waste of time, then it means that learning how to survive in life or reflecting upon life is also a waste of time.

Mahjong cannot be enjoyable for all, especially for players on a losing streak. Playing mahjong solely for money is not an idea to be tolerated. Instead, it is the use of money, not just the winning of it, makes mahjong not only an exciting game but also a reflection of real life; life is hectic and so is playing mahjong. Not everyone is able to win or gain benefits. Whenever, there is a winner, there is bound to be a loser. This applies to life as in the case of mahjong as well. Losing and winning is part of life. So by accepting this in the small world of mahjong, you can be more sure of the challenges that lies in the big world of society. By seeing playing mahjong as soley a monetary exchange process, is not only myopic but also ignoring a greater part of mahjong that grows within the inner spirit.

Playing mahjong may strain relationships. There is no restraint on whom your opponents should be. However, by playing with friends, you and your friends are showing and teaching each other some survival tips of life. We live life and be successful in life with family, friends and family. Playing mahjong with family, friends and family is also similar.

We already have enough of a stressful life, we do not need mahjong to worsen it. Playing mahjong cannot be compared to life entirely. It is not only a preparation of how to tackle life but also teachers one to learn from their mistakes. The price to pay for learning from mistakes on the mahjong table is too small when compared to making a mistake in real life. I do not encourage a full-time participation in mahjong, instead it would be an occasional activity because mahjong cannot replace life totally.
Winners in the capitalist society are winners on the mahjong table. Not neccessary. Mahjong cannot substitute the capitalist society entirely. However, mahjong is a miniature reflection of how a capitalist society functions, although being successful on the mahjong can ensure better chances of success in life; it does not mean good chances of success.

Mahjong is good, but it is not widespread or acceptable in most case. Mahjong is still considered a form of gambling by many. Moreover, most cannot see the link between life and mahjong and how mahjong can be so useful.

Mahjong is good for you. And also for you.

Season Finale: The real purpose and benefits of mahjong had been introduced and dutifully explained. It is important to realise this fact, than to consider mahjong merely as a form of gambling. Mahjong is more than that. It is a reflection of how a capitalist society works, how people interact, influence each other and react to different scenarios in life. Generally, it can be said that those who do not accept the game of mahjong, are not able to see the real purpose of mahjong, or simply, cannot accept the facts of life and society. After realising the facts, start to play mahjong and be sure that the theory of 'Mahjong is good for you' holds true.


Anonymous steven said...

hey where do u get ur herbs ar? i need large field mushrooms, fresh lemon thyme, chives and thymes =]

7/8/05 16:20  
Anonymous dev! said...

finally the mj series has ended

7/8/05 23:08  
Blogger bornappleT said...

Get from cold storage. Make mushroom soup? What is fresh lemon thyme? The others no problem, that is, if money is not the problem.

dev! cannot stand mj? did you read at least the conclusion part?

8/8/05 15:07  
Anonymous dev! said...

I read the entire article for goodness sake.. More conspiracies pls..

8/8/05 20:14  

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