Sunday, August 14, 2005

Conspiracy Theory 8: Sense And Sensibility

Quoting from
The Straits Times, 5th August, Page 29
Titled: Minister's art of Sense and Sensibility

"Singapore was recently ranked 147th out of 167 countries on the press freedom index.
But it is not something that Dr Lee (Boon Yang) loses sleep over.
Singapore has developed a 'different model for its media'-one that 'worked well over the years'.
He is confident that Singaporeans find local media 'credible'.
'Singaporeans find the newspapers, whether it's The Straits Times, Lianhe Zaobao or Business Times or other newspapers, the Singapore newspapers are not credible, I don't see them being around for so long.
'Now, if Singaporeans do not trust our newspaper, don't forget we have in circulation in Singapore today 4,500 foreign publications. They will turn more and more to alternative sources.
'And yet Straits Times is able to preserve its readership amidst all this challenge and continues to grow. So I take it as a strong endorsement, as sign of its relevance and credibility to the society.'
Negative articles on the Government, on the other hand, are 'part of the democratic debate'. But it will be 'unhealthy for the media to embark on crusading journalism'
Whom do these curbs benefit?
'I'm saying it's for Singapore, not the ruling party alone, not for the Government. You're helping Singaporeans be better prepared for a world that is going to be more challenging."


Anonymous steven said...

1) "absurb" or "absurd"?

2} "the article indicated that we should try to criticise the government of Singapore as it is harmful in many ways." <- "should try" or "should not try"? sentence sounds weird.. normally you try do sth dat is beneficial and not the other way.. it makes more sense =]

3} "by not having negative articles on politics, it is not prepare Singaporeans for a more challenging world." <- "it is not prepare" or "it is to not prepare"? aniwae both sounds weird.. better to change to simpler sentence structure eg. Singaporeans will not be prepared for future challenges if they arent able to criticize sth along those lines ;P

14/8/05 12:10  
Blogger bornappleT said...

Taking EL modules? Anyway, it was my mistake and I made some adjustments.

14/8/05 23:34  
Anonymous steven said...

bo pian.. muz hone up my analytical skills too.. pls correct mi if im wrg too.. heh=]

15/8/05 01:02  

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