Friday, August 26, 2005

I Love Globalisation 3: Singapore's Best Friends

An unofficial poll by Schindiapore's journalist found out that:

In 1984, Singapore's best friends:

1. Malaysia
2. ***
3. *****

(The *s are places which are irrelevant.) In 1984, Singapore reserved a substantial portion of its local newspaper to report happenings about its best friend and its closest neighbour, Malaysia.

In 2005, however, Singapore's best friends:

1. China
2. India
3. Malaysia

As from evidence from the newspaper shows, Malaysia's column have decreased somewhat. Perhaps, it is the not the quality or quantity of the news that has decreased but the importance of Malaysia's function as Singapore best friend has decreased.
Obviously, China gains the top hot spot. From the 联合早报,there is a special section devoted to China, which is 早报中国. During weekend, it becomes 中国心跳. The large influx of information of China has totally replaced Malaysia's place that it held during most parts of the 20th century. Not forgetting, The Straits Times, there is also a page named specially for the usage of reporting China's news.
India is also gaining reputation fast. In The Straits Times, a section named 'India/Southasia' have emerged very recently.


Anonymous steven said...

'Malaysia' has been degraded to 'Malaysia/South-East Asia'

i dun see an obvious degradation or anything of that in "M'sia/South-East Asia' leh. it looks neutral to me.. and its juz a change of heading.. i dun see any subtle or abstract kind of negativity is being portrayed out.. i believe dat is ur own perception rite~ haha~

26/8/05 20:05  
Blogger bornappleT said...

This labelling is done, perhaps is that Malaysia's news and news from South-East Asia can be fitted into one page. it used to cover more than one page. this degradation means that there's a decrease in amt of news from there. maybe I shouldn't make too much connections with 'friends'.

27/8/05 00:11  
Anonymous dev! said...

halo~? haven't u heard on the r*lly? he said: "Singapore is friends with all MAJOR countries, even though those countries might not be frds with one another." so.. is m'sia major enough? Think about it

27/8/05 22:34  
Anonymous balex said...

Malaysia is not quite close to being a major country of the world, eg in monetary terms. But i guess they have to be especially friendly to them, because of the sensitive topic of race?
Singapore cant afford to have any enemies, so all are friends, but some are 'better friends' than others.

27/8/05 23:05  
Anonymous steven said...

eh y ur post alwaz so politics-oriented one.. can tok light-hearted stuff anot.. can comment on trends of teenagers lah.. human nature.. interesting discoveries etc etc.. wads there to tok abt china and india.. might as well tok abt mi! im far more interesting than anione fr their side.. wahaahah=D

28/8/05 01:38  
Anonymous dev! said...

balex... dun have much of a 'fashion' mindset la~ heh

28/8/05 15:45  

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