Thursday, August 11, 2005

Food Review 9: Japanese Cuisine i

General Information:

It is about time to give full credits to what gems this Japanese restaurant provides. Which restaurant would be visit more than twice? (I am specifically stating a restaurant.) Probably not many. This in fact, is the 8th time I visited them, so you can be sure that it has clinched a place in the 'Top Restaurant List'. Surely, it is very rare to find a restaurant that suit this kind of status.

Food: 8.5

Tempura Set ($15):
I have tasted one of the best tempura here. It is delicately covered with layers of flour, where it reveals the prawn. Fresh prawn, where the sweetness of the prawn not only provides a contrast from the crisp outer layer, but also show that fresh prawns are used. For those health conscious, I am pleased to say that it is not oily. Same goes to the vegetable tempura, where true freshness of the vegetables is not covered up.
The set comes with delectable hot miso soup, with rice that has the right texture and wonderful Japanese tofu.

Nigri Sushi ($25):
The sushi, for this kind of price cannot be expected to be of top quality. However, I believe that it is the top quality in the league of this price range. With about 13 pieces of skilfully made sushi, its freshness of ingredients is undoubtable. Skill and freshness, the killer combination, makes sushi out of this world.

Chawanmushi (ala carte at $6):
Egg dishes can hardly be this luxurious. The egg custard just melts in the mouth, oozing out a combination of sweetness and saltiness of the soup. Soothing, yet not overwhelming.

Service: 7
Perhaps being a young local, in the midst of Japanese businessmen, the service is not exactly friendly, although it is pretty good enough. The bald head Japanese chef will often chat with his fellow Japanese. One thing that needs improvement is that the waitress needs to be a little more polite over the phone, when making reservations.

Ambience: 8
It was recently renovated. The old congested restaurant, is replaced by a newer and more modern inner decor. Now, they boost a wider range to Japanese alcohols. Menus like pretty much the same, except with new lamination. Same restaurant that evokes a little cosiness.

Overall: 8.5
Considering that they serve the highest quality of food in this price range, it deserves my repeated visit over and over again. I have totally shunned local Japanese restaurant chains when I first visited this place. Reason being the chains charge similar prices yet present mediocre food.
There are many set meals to choose from with a chicken set of $12, to a full set consisting of tempura, sushi and sashimi of a very reasonable $25. However, ordering from the ala carte menu, may be a little pricey that can amount to above $30. But this is where one can taste different Japanese cuisine, other than the regular sushi or sashimi.
I think most of the prices remain the same after the renovation. However, now they charge a service charge, unlike before renovation. Well, it is a little price to pay for a better environment.
It is definitely on my wish list and I look forward to visit them again for they occupy a significant amount of time in my day dreaming activities.
Lesson learnt: Japanese know best, when it comes to food.


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