Saturday, August 20, 2005

Conspiracy Theory 10: Stupidity Exists

From Lianhe Zaobao 12/8/2005

Unfortunately, for Singapore's superb education system, stupidity still exist.


Anonymous steven said...

its "policemen" not "police"..

dats a refreshing piece of news man.. i thot i'd never see any protest in S'pore ever again=P

aniwae wad does "GIC" mean on the guy's shirt? pls enlighten mi~

20/8/05 10:46  
Blogger bornappleT said...

Mr steven, cant you show some sense? What's the purpose of being enlightened when you cant change anything that's supposed to be problematic? That will only leave you distress yet helpeless about it. Ignorance is bliss applies here, and my wish is that I did not flip the newspaper that day.

20/8/05 23:35  
Anonymous balex said...
GIC suppose to be some Singapore's govenment's investment funds.

20/8/05 23:38  
Anonymous dev! said...

hmm.. in that case, shldn't u stop fretting on such political agendas then? It'll just be a fruitless attempt at 'criticising' wad was intended for us (the ignorant, helpless citizens)

20/8/05 23:53  
Anonymous steven said...

thanx dev=P
hate politics~

21/8/05 00:39  
Blogger bornappleT said...

'fret'is not quite an appropriate word because I was totally amused by such an occurrence and pitied those 4 criminals. Right now, I am disgusted by those 4 because Singaporeans are supposed to be clever and smart.
We should be happy that such incidents will not happen again in Singapore.

21/8/05 00:59  

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