Sunday, August 28, 2005

Gastroliterary 12: European Experience ii

Corduroy & finch
Location: Bukit Timah

Food: 8.5

Tomato Soup: ($8)
This came to me as a shock. I think this is the best tomato soup I have ever experienced. Sweet and powerful, I would describe and yet not too creamy, unlike many other soups. This is the first time I experienced saffron- the most expensive spice of the world. I finally understood the reason of the craze behind this flower stalk spice. Just a very small amount of it, can touch and explode the senses of the tastebuds.
The restaurant do sell them, at a not too affordable price of $21 for a scrap of 2 grams.

Venison: ($29)
Special of the day. The plate comes hot in order to preserve the hear as far as possible. The venison is partially cooked and it is real tender. To complement it, mushrooms and onions are added to it. However, when the dish turns cold, the wilderness of the game is revealed in the taste. Not too pleasant.

Chicken Salad: ($15)
A fantastic salad that comes with fresh vegetables in their raw, original flavour. The chicken is smoked, smoky flavour and oil-less.

Dessert, Cherry Soup with Ice-Cream: ($10)
This dessert is a perfect reflection of the summer goodness with cherries which is being poached in red wine. The deep dark red of the cherry soup, is deeply aromatic, with bitterness of the wine, that is of great contrast to the fragrance of the vanilla ice-cream. Beautifully decorated, marvellous, yet not too sinful.

Service: 8.5

The staff generally provide good services. One of the waiter gave several recommendations (which turn out well), and even enquire about how satisfactory the food were. Friendly and polite, they deserve good remarks.

Ambience: 8.5

The nice cool atmosphere, with wonderful lighting created a nice and modern atmosphere. The restaurant boost a range of small kitchen appliances, fresh vegetables, and several cooking ingredients to heighten the dining experience. They even have truffle for sale which goes for $35 for one piece.
It is divided into 2 levels, where the first level is mainly for deli while the second level is more ideal as lounge.
However, the menu does not reflect the place too well for it is of printer quality. The choice of techno played created a disastrous effect.

Overall: 8

A fantastic experience. It may be a little pricey but for the quality, I think it is quite worth it. For a full course meal from the ala carte menu, it can amount to above $40. Otherwise, a satisfactory dinner would just be slightly more than $20. The restaurant in essence serves European cuisine. However, the range of dishes the restaurant provide is pretty limited. A potential candidate to make it into the 'Top Restuarant List'.


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