Sunday, August 21, 2005

Conspiracy Theory 11: Short Summary for Singapore's national day Speech

At 6.45, the Singapore's Prime Minister will give his National Day speech to the whole of Singapore. In anticipation, I have instead come up with a short summary of the contends of the speech contains:

Singapore is doing very well, however, all Singaporeans will still have to continue to upgrade themselves.


Anonymous dev! said...

u are correct, only to a very small extent

21/8/05 19:49  
Blogger bornappleT said...

of course it is to a very small extend. Because it is only 1 sentence. That's why Singapore students like to essay long long so that they will be correct to a great extend.

22/8/05 00:03  
Anonymous steven said...

its more than dat lah~
wad do u expect mah.. its a R-A-L-L-Y!
of cos muz say there are things to improve.. if not how to motivate ppl? duh~
"we are the best.. no country, not CHINA, not even INDIA, comes anywhere near us.. be it service, admin, infrastructure, management blah blah FULL-STOP!" ya want to hear dat from the PM izit? kaoz..
dun try to put his speech down with your negativity lah.. its his report card to the ppl of this country leh..
nonetheless i wanna say i was quite excited by his take on our service sector, and on the future developement of marina bay & the other landscape changes.. looks & sounds really gd~

22/8/05 01:50  
Anonymous dev! said...

steven, did u missed out on a part? he did say that we're superior compared to china, at least in a way, which is 'i dare to ban chewing gum here'

22/8/05 08:44  
Anonymous steven said...

wad im trying to say is we are not the best in EVERY aspect.. i mean how can anione a sweeping statements like dat? somemore it breeds complacency..

22/8/05 17:45  
Blogger bornappleT said...

Quote to me where I put down his speech. In other words, I did not put down his speech but just make a prediction what will be said before 6.45pm on Sunday.

22/8/05 19:31  
Anonymous dev! said...

poor english again *roll eyes*

22/8/05 20:19  
Blogger bornappleT said...

When did i say i will have to write proper englihs?

22/8/05 22:12  

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