Wednesday, August 03, 2005

This Is Life 1: Up Money Mountain

This is the introductory of the series which brings in places visited, while providing an objective view from the tiny Singapore's eyes. With economic constraints, the progress of this series will be hindered and thus be updated on a rare occasion.

Genting, Malaysia:
Few have not been up this mountain of money. However, it is not common for someone to write on this place with an objective view in sight.

A view from Highland Hotel

Fees: $100 (Transport by bus, a 7 hour journey and 3 days and 2 nights in Highland Hotel) From 17th Aug to 19th Aug 2005.

It is called 'The City of Entertainment', where theme parks filled with fun and excitement are catered to both children and adults. Other treats include shopping, movies and eateries.
The mild weather throughout the year, is definetely another attractive point, where temperatures fluctuates around a cool 20 degrees Celsius.

The tour buses at Yong Peng

The usual stopover when travelling up north in Malaysia, will be a place called Yong Peng. It is crowded with travellers. The place, in Singapore standards, sub-standard; big flies, dirty toilets, expensive and mediocre food. Whilst Singapore is really proving itself to be an exciting place with an X-factor to the world, Malaysia's stagnanted standards seemed so unwelcoming.

The attitudes and politeness in many cases need to be improved, although the staff at 'The Body Shop' and 'The Olive' have shown that Malaysia is capable of providing good services to their customer. It reminded me of my Singapore. However, the toilets are dirty and many of the facilities are old. It is a contrast with tiny Singapore, where the authorities are always seeking to improve and upgrading facilities everywhere. Air over there is not exactly mountain-fresh, for they are construction works taking place and there are many vehicles around.

Changes in constuction and upgrading of facilities have been slow since my visit about 2 years ago. The theme is somehow the same since its opening, only adding a few new items over many years. Perhaps it is because I live in tiny Singapore where anything new is good. Well, of course, we cannot forget that most people make their pilgramage visit to Genting, the casino. The chinese make up more than 90% of the visitors while the handfuls left are the Indians.

Ignoring the casino, the overall experience to Genting is closed to plain. The casino however adds in most of the spice where the money making and lossing brings in the trill of a roller coaster ride. Besides gambling, it is perhaps a reflection of how money would function in one's life and how great a role, money works in determining what life is.


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