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Spa Online 3: Mahjong Series (iii) Theory of 'Mahjong is good for you'

Why is playing mahjong (with real money) good for you?
From the last 2 issue, what Spa Online has show that playing mahjong can allow you to bring the 5 main qualities to the test or to develop them (except for luck).The 5 qualities are: dexterity, decisivenss, alertness, some luck and a keen photographic memory. When the reasons that these qualities are considered important for life are explained, the theory of 'Mahjong is good you', can be fully comprehended.

It is utmost important to be able to recognise that this applies to a capitalist society and tiny Singapore is a capitalist society.

Capitalism has been defined in various ways. In common usage it refers to an economic system in which all or most of the means of production are privately owned and operated (commonly for profit), and where investments, production, distribution, income, and prices are determined largely through the operation of a "free market" rather than by centralized state control (as in a command economy). Capitalism contrasts with socialism where the means of production are owned by the state or by the community in collective, contrasts with feudalism where land may be privately operated but is owned by the state and held in fee, and contrasts with fascism where statist control over the means of production is exercised while maintaining a facade of de jure private ownership. All modern Western economies contain some degree of capitalism.
From wikipedia.

After understanding what capitalism is about, we should note that by achieving substantial amount of dexterity, decisivenss, alertness, some luck and a keen photographic memory, you can be fairly sure that you are going to survive in a capitalistic society relatively well. (This will be explained below.) Since profit is one of the main aims of a capitalist society, it is similar to the aim of playing mahjong, in the way that all players seek to win as much in their game.

In mahjong, no one should be slow, otherwise it will lead to lesser amount of rounds played, which in turn means that less money can be made from winning the games. When others have to wait for one player's slow actions this is wasting everyone's valuable time and is therefore considered inefficient.

Similarly, in a capitalist society, no bourgeoisie can accept any slow working employees. They can be easily be replaced by other people who do mind slogging for the company. In examinations, time is so essential that no wasting of time can be afford. Similarly, by being slow, it can be certain that one will be the last to board a crowded train and thus, not being able to reserve a seat.

Synonyms: Efficient, Profitable, Useful

As explained in the Spa Online 2, decisiveness is an important component of mahjong. This attribute not only saves time but also prevent one's strategy to be exposed.

This skill is extremely important whether it is making decisions for a business deal or choosing one school over another. We make all sorts of decisions in our life and playing mahjong is a game with concentrated amount of decisions to be made within a short timespan.

Decisions also have to be made when the situation change. For example, in Singapore's case in the earlier years of the 1900s, the tiny colony or country have to rely mainly on the Western world to gain and boost its economy. English was then become the most important subject in schools and the use of other Chinese dialects have to be limited. Unfortunately, the situation does not remain constant and that now Mandarin is becoming more and more vital, although English is still very essential.
This is followed on the point whereby the Asian dragon and phoenix are rising, which very soon will overtake the domination of the West who are facing some problems with economy matters. Upon this, Singapore's attention seems to have turn to its home continent instead of the West, for instance promoting 'double cultures' or from the following situation:
On its 20-year target to rank in top10, Prof Shih said the rise of China and India and their growing contribution of top academia in the United States shows the dynamics of higher education are changing in favour of Asia."NUS is in a great position to move forward because we are in a multi-cultural society. We can tap on the vast pool of talent in China and India," he told reporters.
This, we see that Singapore is making decisions and changing its plot so that the situation turns favourable onto itself. Importance should be emphasized on making the best decision, in order that one will benefit the most from the given situation.

Synonyms: Rational

This is a tactic where one must be vigilant to plans being drawn by opponents.

In making money, this skill is important for there are many capitalists who seek for maximum profits out there. By being vigilant, one is alerted to different plots the others is setting so that one can prevent from lossing money or reducing monetary losses. One example is being alert enough for the cashcard to be slotted before entering the CBD. Another example can be seen when buying shares, where one needs to alert enough to buy the profitable shares.
Moreover, the authorities tell their citizens that by being vigilant, they can can help to keep our neighbourhood safe and free from terrorist. Therefore, we can understand that alertness is so important.

Surely, instead of taking the defensive role, one can also take the offensive role, where one seeks to seek maximum profits out in the buisiness market or around the town. (This is parallel to the game of mahjong.) One should wear a mask to hide the blood-thrist mouth with sharp fangs, in order that the proleteriat and the unknowing man fall into the scheme. The wolf fur is obscured behind the cloak. Making business includes work like entertaining of customer, whether one likes it or not, one has to show much politeness, with much gratitude and sincerity, regardless of how one feels inside. This is where the fulfilling of maximising profits comes about, which the capitalist society is about.

Very often, in mahjong, players have play the role of acting, in order that one is able to keep their tiles a secret. In the same way, when people interact with people, they would be trying to say and do what is the most correct, although by dissecting their thoughts, actions and thoughts may not often tally with each other at all.

Synonyms: Vigilant, Proficient acting-skills, Reciprocate, Social pretensions

Some luck:
Luck cannot be calculated, nurtured, attained nor forecast, although luck is required in getting good tiles at hand or discarding the most correct tile.

Luck is also important in a capitalist society. Buying shares and stocks do require skills and background knowledge, but some form of luck is involved. Meeting and be able to know the correct business partner or signing the correct deals, all features some form of luck. Sometimes, chances are not entirely earned, but some luck is involved. For example, when a CEO happens to notice one, and give him a chance to perform and proof himself worthy.

Synonyms: Opportunities, Social networking, Business deals

Photographic Memory:
Without any memory, one is not able succeed in mahjong or in examinations or remember to do the correct things at the right moment.
Basically this means that having a poorer memory, one chances of survival in a capitalist society is close to null when compared with one with a photographic memory. The digital technology goes in this way whereby more and more memory is needed for more and more advanced digital gadgets. Certainly, with the influx of higher loads of information, one's memory requirements need to be increased as well otherwise the survivability rate decreases.

Synonyms: Talented, Prodigy

On the whole, the 5 qualities are essential for one coupled with a sane mind, for continuing one's existence in a capitalist society. The theory of 'Mahjong is good for you' is the result of testing one's abilities for existence, but also to stretch one's 5 qualities further for even better chances of surviving in a capitalist society. Therefore, the 'Mahjong is good for you' theory holds true.
On the next issue, counter arguements will be investigated.


Anonymous steven said...

wah kaoz.. machiam writing thesis lidat... oso abit nonsense leh.. whahaha

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Blogger bornappleT said...

I used mahjong as a disguise to aim fire at certain targets.

27/7/05 00:49  
Anonymous dev! said...

erm... the capitalist country in particular? but.. really a bit wordy..

27/7/05 22:51  
Blogger bornappleT said...

Capitalist in general. Some other things in particular.

31/7/05 02:20  

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