Sunday, July 31, 2005

I Love Globalisation 2: Untitled

There was a story:

Once, there was a China Chinese, an India Indian and a Singapore Singaporean. (The country's names have to be added, if not confusion may arise.) All were men. They were on a lifeboat of a sinking cruise ship and three children were waiting to board the lifeboat.
So the captain told the China Chinese, "Your country honours execution rather than insults". So the China Chinese jumped for he rather die than be insulted.
The captain turned his attention to the India Indian and said, "You love the world." So the India Indian jumped for he wanted to be honoured.
The captain then instructed the Singapore Singaporean by commanding, "Look, the China Chinese and India Indian are doing it."


Blogger Kevin Jackson said...

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4/10/05 05:24  

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