Saturday, July 23, 2005

Food Review 7: European Experience i

Date visited: 11/6/2005

General Information:
Name: Peperoni Pizzeria
Location: Greenwood
This restaurant focus mainly on pizza, obviously.

Food: 7.5

Portabello with chicken ($15): A unique dish. Mushroom covered with bread crumbs alongside with salad and chicken fillet. However, the mushroom picked up too much oil and the real mushroom taste is almost non-existent.

12' pizza ($22): The pizza is not the everyday-pizza hut. It probably resembles much closer to the traditional origins of Italy. 2 pizza chefs, relatively young ones, make pizza live in front the restaurant and uses a furnace instead of a microwave to bake the pizza. They are several sizes and a variety of flavours to choose from. The crust of pizza is soft, with a well-balanced portion of mozzarella and sweet tomato sauce, although more would be desirable.

Tiramisu ($8) One of the better tiramisu around. They did not add in any liquor to it, which makes it less refreshing than expected.

Service: 8

The service was pretty average and acceptable. However, to my delight, when the bill comes, they did not have any service charge nor any GST. Attention is turned to some places with worse service than Peperoni, and yet have the cheek to charge for their service. Although Peperoni's service is not any where near excellent, but considering that they did not charge their customer for it, their service is really commendable.

Ambience: 7

There is this candle holder that holds solidified candles over a long period of time which forms a massive wax structure. Although it is one-of-its-kind of art, it seems to be a little unhygienic. The restaurant is divided to an indoor and outdoor dining area, where the outdoor in beneath is between 2 shophouses where they hang their clothes out. There is also a pub area specialising in alcoholic drinks.

Overall: 7.5

Total bill amounts to exactly $20 person (no service charge nor GST) which is considered very acceptable for the food, service and ambience they provide. Location is a bit hard to reach (in Singapore's context), unless you own a vehicle. It is worthy of a second visit.


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