Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Conspiracy Theory 5: 600K is Peanuts

SINGAPORE : The National Kidney Foundation's (NKF) defamation suits against the Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) came to abrupt end on Tuesday at the High Court.

This, after its CEO TT Durai admitted during intense cross examination that some of the fittings in its headquarters, which were highlighted in a Straits Times article, were indeed extravagant for a public charity. The article spoke of a glass panelled shower, a pricey German toilet bowl and a gold plated tap.

Mr Durai finally withdrew both his and the NKF's case against the SPH and its journalist Susan Long.

The court also heard the NKF had a fleet of eight cars and drivers, which Mr Durai and its visiting guests and VIPs could use. NKF also paid for the road tax, repair and maintenance for Mr Durai's personal Mercedes Benz.

On NKF's reserves, the court was told it stood at $262 million as of July 2005. Mr Singh argued that if the NKF stopped all fundraising activities and concentrated on treating kidney patients, it would still have enough money to see through its operations for 30 years, based on its expenses scheduled for 2003.

For that year, the NKF received $24.4 million for patient fees for dialysis but spent some $31 million for these operations. So even if it was out of pocket of $7 million to $8 million per year, NKF's current reserves were sufficient for at least 30 years.

But Mr Singh says the organisation has been telling Singaporeans its reserves won't last more than three years, according to statements made by its officials.

Another issue that arose during the cross examination was that of patient numbers. Mr Singh argued that NKF had overstated its patient numbers and this would have given the impression to the public that more funds were needed to run its operations.

Mr Durai agreed they were expensive and extravagant for a public charity and withdrew his and the NKF's cases. The trial which was to have lasted for ten days ended in two days.

He said the NKF has struggled to be perfect and he himself has tried his best for 37 years. He maintained that the NKF did not hide the truth in any way. And there's no running away from the fact that NKF has discharged its obligation to the people of Singapore with a world class kidney programme.

In a separate statement, the NKF Board says it has discontinued its proceedings against Singapore Press Holdings and its senior writer Ms Susan Long. And the decision to withdraw was a considered decision made in the best interests of the NKF, its supporters, donors and patients.

CEO TT Durai has done a great job in the progress of NKF to become the biggest charity organisation. He do deserve such great benefits, like receiving 600K, although he is quoted as saying 'peanuts'.

Perhaps, TT Durai should be paid, so that he will continue to do a better job. From kidney patients, to children's funds, to cancer charities, NKF can certainly expand its boundaries to hair loss patients, to obese people. Furthermore, pains have to be made for designing of his new state-of-the-art offices and toilet fittings.

One can imagine how much efforts he will be taking to furnish his own homes, and that surely this requires lots of cash backup. This is a capitalist society, with profit-driven minds, so there is certainly nothing wrong in paying more peanuts to those CEOs, whether it is Singtel or NKF, for they have worked so efficiently for their companies. They truly deserve it.

People should keep on calling the 1900 hotline, not just for charity itself, but also for the legal costs NKF have bear when they tried to sued SPH and now that they have loss terribly. Fees into the thousands and thousands, they need more people to call in. What might happen to NKF if they are unable to pay for the legal costs? 5 million each for 2 charity shows are just not enough (if 600K is considered peanuts). Keep calling! NKF needs the support of all loyal and new callers. Nevertheless, do not forget about Singtel, where they are blissfully charging a mere 21cents for every call made. It is only 21cents. When considering that almost one million calls were made per charity night, it is only close to one-third of peanuts-600K. Certainly, people think that Singtel is so supportive of local charity shows, for they charge a minimal fee of only 21cents per call, and that by providing such a useful service to all callers, 21cents is too small an amount.

Perhaps, helping others is not enough for many people. Then they should think of the prizes that one might win from those lucky draws. Whether it is $5000, trips, cars, you just need to start calling. The earlier one calls, the earlier one wins. Actually, people should not feel that these prizes are of any big a deal. After all, 600K is peanuts.


Anonymous steven said...

GO bornapplet GO~!!
suan until beri song rite =D
suan until "bo chun" wor.. hahah~!!
fuck dat bastard ah neh~!!!

13/7/05 14:44  
Blogger bornappleT said...

I saw an interesting inscription in a toilet just now about TT. I hope to get my camera to work on that.

13/7/05 15:15  
Anonymous NianKai said...

Yes. NKF sucks big time. I hope they go bankrupt.

13/7/05 17:49  
Anonymous dev! said...

21cents??? are u sure? each call costs $5.80 now, as compared to the $5.15 2 years ago.. does it mean that the administrative costs are actually 80 cents instead?! hmm...

As for the aspect on prizes given to callers.. i think all the more the ppl reading this SHOULD call, coz.. by now, most would NOT call.. and.. if u had call.. does it make u having a much HIGHER chance of striking 'jackpot'?

Hmm.. but from personal experience in buying Big Sweep, the reduction in the amount of lottery tickets by.. 0.7million i think, doesnt give me a higher chance of striking rich, but rather, narrower miss.

13/7/05 19:52  
Anonymous NianKai said...

Don't u think it's stupid to make donations to charity just to win prizes? Sometimes i wonder if the donations were used to pay for the prizes..

14/7/05 08:47  
Anonymous balex said...

dev! The $5.80 is for NKF. The 21cents is for Singtel. So the total bill for just one call is $6.01.
I look forward to tonight's NKF performance. Perhaps the number of calls would not really be affected, for I heard that NKF personnel will call in to boost the numbers.

14/7/05 13:47  
Blogger bornappleT said...

The inscription I saw yesterday is gone today.

Original notice:
Please used the toilet as if it is yours.

Added insciption:
If you cannot speak proper English you must resign-like TT Durai.

14/7/05 13:49  

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