Friday, July 15, 2005

I Love Globalisation 1: Zheng He the Great

'The uprising of China and India.'
'We need to attract talents all over the world, especially China and India.''
The world must look positively at the rise of China and India.'

These are only some of the quotes, I absorb subconsciously, whether I read the papers or watch the television, every single day.
One of the current events in tiny Singapore:

Singapore Set To Mark Zheng He 600th Anniversary Celebrations In A Big Way
Singapore, 15 April 2004 - Singapore is planning a slew of activities to be held next year to commemorate the 600th anniversary of the maiden voyage of the legendary Chinese voyager, Admiral Zheng He.
The renowned 15th-century navigator made a total of seven epic voyages, spanning over 30 countries throughout the South Pacific, the Indian Ocean, the Persian Gulf and Africa. 2005 marks the 600th anniversary of the Admiral's maiden voyage, which began in Nanjing, China. Zheng He's navigational map (郑和航海图) contains references to Temasek, as well as the Long Ya Men (Dragon's Teeth Gate). The Long Ya Men is widely believed to be a rock structure, located close to Labrador Park, which Zheng He is said to have used as markers during his voyages.
To commemorate this momentous historic event, Singapore is planning an exciting line-up of celebratory events, which will be coordinated by a multi-agency committee chaired by the Singapore Tourism Board's Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive, Mr Lim Neo Chian. The committee comprises representatives from the National Library Board (NLB), the National Heritage Board, the International Zheng He Society and the Friends of Admiral Zheng He society, among others.

The International Zheng He Exhibition, a collaboration between the NLB and the National Library of China, will showcase the explorer's contributions in the areas of maritime history, world culture, economy, religion and science and technology through displays of Zheng He-related artefacts and historical documents. To be held at the NLB's new corporate headquarters in Bras Basah in August 2005, the exhibition will later be relocated to a permanent site.
The public can also look forward to the Zheng He Festival, a one- to two-week carnival which promises an exciting array of activities, including cultural performances and the screening of Zheng He movies, for Singapore residents and Zheng He enthusiasts. Locations for the festival are still being evaluated, but it is likely to be held in a central location, possibly at the Marina Promenade or The Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay.

Added Prof Wang: "Singapore's central place in global trade routes today has its roots in its place in the historical maritime Silk Route connecting China with India and Arabia. The Zheng He celebrations will be a celebration of not only the achievements of this amazing voyager but of our colourful maritime history as well."
From here.

There is no evidence thus far that Zheng He ever landed in Singapore. As towhether he did pass by Singapore, it remains debatable as to how far or how near.
From here.

Singapore holds big celebrations marking the 600th anniversary of the Chinese great navigator, Zheng He. On account of justifying just activities, some of the reasons where given:
Zheng He passed by Singapore during his voyage, and Singapore is an important link between China and India.

What has Singapore really got to do with Zheng He?


Anonymous steven said...

erm... hes a eunuch right? hahaha

15/7/05 11:27  
Anonymous balex said...

yes, he was. But apparently he adopt a child so that he continue he's family line. Recently, his descendents were discovered in Chiang Mai. I think you saw them there last month.

15/7/05 14:47  
Anonymous steven said...

eh? he adopted a thai? wahahah

16/7/05 01:31  

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