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Spa Online 2: Mahjong Series (ii) Expanding Abilities

Previously, mahjong is being introduced to Spa Online. The following qualities are of great importance which can bring you on the track in winning the game- dexterity, decisivenss, alertness, some luck and a keen photographic memory.
As a whole, it is essential to play the game of mahjong with real money. This is a must. Due to stake of using real money, all players will not be in a sluggish state, instead, they will treat the game seriously. Please note that playing mahjong without real money is equivalent to wasting time and none of the qualities will be seen as necessary at all which means the entire great meaning of playing mahjong is lost.

These are some guidelines to improve on playing mahjong. By attempting to learn at least a few of them, is the road to the understanding the 'Mahjong is good for you' theory. They are systematically catergorised.


Practice makes perfect. So play the game more in order to gain speed. Of course it makes awfully great sense to play with more accomplished players so that your speed level can rise due to pressure exerted by them. Always make decisions before your turn comes, so that no unnecessary thinking time will be present to waste time. After being a quick-enough player, you can start barking at slower opponents so that no precious time is wasted. Time is precious and so is money.


Quick decision should be made at the snap of the fingers.

Make up your decision before your turn comes and think quickly before acting. This is to avoid errors due to missing a 'pong' or discarding a wrong tile or even 'chowing' a wrong tile. Inevitably, should an error occur, make no signs of regrets, whether it is through expressions, sounds or actions, do not expose your mistake. The watchful eyes of your opponents are scrutinising your every moves that can cause you to lose the current round.
Certainly, when real money is at stake, alertness will be on top form. When fatigued ever set in, which can affect your mental ability in playing your game well, have enough sleep, some caffeine or any stimulant before engaging the game. This is vital in order for the brain to crack and decide well.

Decisiveness allows one to decide which form of tiles to play quickly. For example, playing for a 'pong pong set'. However, when the situation turns unfavorable, for instance, when an opponent is about to win big time and that continuing with the strategy will prove to be fatal or that the probability of winning your hand is very low, you need to make quick decisions for changes in strategies that need to be taken in order to guarantee maximum survival rate.


Be sure to have the right amount of tiles on hand. By being alert, it ensures that you will not have one more or one less tile that can cause an instant lost of the current round. The advice should be always count the number of tiles for the correct amount. After enough practice, you should be able to determine whether you have the right amount of tiles just by scaning at the length of your tiles at hand.
Look out for opponents who make the silly mistakes by having one more or one less tile. You can be sure that he is instantly out of the game and your guard of him should be reduced. However, if your opponent is to discover his terrible mistake, he will be on a defensive mode, meaning discarding the less useful tile so that no one will be able to get a chance to 'pong' or to win. This implies that he will be unlikely to assist you in completing your win.

Watch out in not exposing your tiles accidentally to your opponents. With nimble and yet careful fingers, play your game with grace that none of your tiles will be exposed to your opponents. Clumsiness is a quality that is deemed undesirable and should be overcome as soon as possible.
Look out! I cannot emphasize this more. Be alert on your opponents. Watch out for accidental exposure of your opponents hidden tile and memorise them. This will come handy when making decisions on which tile to discard. This includes exposure of tiles from the wall as well. Subsequently, use your eagle eyes, observe for signs, whether it is facial expression, mannerism, position of hand or movements, you can probably determine what your opponent's tiles are or what they require.

Give no clue to what your tiles consist of or what tiles you require. Be wary of your opponents who may lure or fool you into discarding a wrong tile that can cause them to win. Try to differentiate between the right or the wrong signs. Of course, you cannot be entirely sure.
Obviously, you can fool your opponents into believing the wrong information. Let them believe that you have a tile that you do not have at hand. Such tricks may be able to stumble your opponent on their road to victory. Your opponents could be wary of this tactic so be ready to launch reverse-psychology or double reverse-psychology at your opponents and bring confusion to them.

Some luck:

Luck is neither inherited not acquired through learnt nor predictable. However, luck shall be discussed on the next series of Spa Online.

Photographic Memory:

A good memory can be inherited or be attained through life. For those scholars who get good grade in their examinations, you can be sure that they have a keen memory. Either they inherited by birth or they get it through constant memorising of their textbooks and notes. Thus, such people with good grades got their grades through brief reading and able to memorise all the stuff or they spend their entire day mugging through. By mugging through and memorsing stuff, their brain can soon adapt to in-flow of great amounts of information. You can extend your memorising skills by playing more mahjong as well.

One must be able to memorise the tiles thrown by the respective opponent. This can be useful in deciding which tile to discard. By knowing this, you can discard the unwanted tiles to your oppoenents in order to hinder their win. This memorising of tiles is also essential for memorising your opponents' accidental exposure of their unknown tiles, or the covered tiles from the wall.

Finality: This issue of Spa Online, shows you a greater insight into increasing the chances of winning in mahjong. On the next issue, you can look forward to opening of the puzzle of 'Mahjong is good for you' theory.
Disclaimer: The above information can only be used as a guide.


Anonymous steven said...

wahahaha... u mj guru ar... make me gian to play w u liao =]

11/7/05 11:30  
Anonymous dev! said...

Money spells trouble. Mj no doubt requires money to make the game 'real', but a 'poor game' for one of the kakis can only mean that, not all will 'enjoy' the game. Just look at the face, Justice Bao in reincarnation.

11/7/05 16:33  
Blogger bornappleT said...

Just look forward to the 3rd entry, and be enlightened.

11/7/05 17:05  

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