Friday, August 05, 2005

Food Review 8: European Experience ii

Date visited: 18/7/2005

General Information:
Name: The Olive
Location: Genting Hotel, Genting
A Western style restaurant.

Food: 8
Free bread is provided. Warm and handmade. Simply wonderful.
The mushroom and onion soup shall score an average rating given that the taste lacks deep flavour but sufficient as a starter.

The pizza has some charred edges. Given that the restaurant uses a charcoal oven to bake it, I shall consider the pizza beautiful. The edges are crispy and the centre is soften with tomato and cheese.
The sea bass taste ordinary and portion is slightly insufficient.
The chicken dish is more exciting one for the chicken is tender and well-marinated, with scallop and prawn to accompany.
The dessert is the most exciting part of the evening. Beautifully decorated designs on display, although it takes a lot of effort to consume slowly while trying not to destroy the whole piece of art too quickly. The taste matches well with the wonderful appearance. Creamy mascarpone that melts in the mouth is neutralised by the sweet and fresh strawberries. There is a small sign, made from white chocolate that reads 'The Olive. Thank you for dining with us'.
Just when one thought it ended, tea and coffee is being served. To make a perfect ending, a wholesome piece of chocolate brings it to a final landing, that not only sweetens the tongue but also the soul.

Service: 8
Excellent service. Slow and steady, no rushing through, when the waiters laid the food upon the table. Perhaps it is because the restaurant is not crowded at all. Although they are polite to the best that they can, they did not provide the 'Earlybird menu set', till requested, where cheaper set dinners are on a deal.

Ambience: 8
Music was a little off. However, temperature was perfect, the lighting was just right, even the cutlery was of good quality. The toilets are designer toilets and the indoor decorations are awesome. Modern and chic. The flooring in the toilet and the walkway, however, needs some changing.

Overall: 8
A memorable experience. An Earlybird dinner set cost at a reasonable of RM69. With no extras from taxes or service, it makes it more worthwhile to visit this restaurant. A decent meal from the a la carte menu, may cost well over RM100. With the Earlybird dinner that starts from 6pm to 7pm, it is definetely a must-go when visiting Genting.


Anonymous dev! said...

S$35 for a meal.. wad do u think?

5/8/05 22:55  
Anonymous balex said...

Do your maths properly.

6/8/05 00:38  

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