Friday, July 08, 2005

Food Review 3: Minute Maid

The Minute Maid advertisement has been dominating
(other than the prompt to call the 1900 line to win prizes) the television advertisement recently. They introduce their 'lemonade' and 'limeade' with Sharon Au and Michelle Chong drinking these products after their shopping trip, as though it is very fashionable to drink their 'lemonade'. While they were showing another version of their 'minute maid' advertisement with some Caucasians playing volleyball on the beach, did any viewers notice that they were show casing more than 2 flavours? I suspect this is the advertisement that is shown in U.S..

Product Information:

Name: Minute Maid Lemonade
Manufacturer: F&N Coca-Cola
Place of Origin: Singapore

Nutritional Information:
(per 100ml)
Energy 40kcal
Carbohydrates: 10g

Quantity: 500ml bottle

Price: $1.20
Packaging: 5
A very typical, what-you-would-expect-packaging from a local producer product. The wrapper, when it is bought, is in a crisp and slouchy condition. It does not look too appetising.

Taste: 4.5
Make sure you shake it, for there is sediments at the bottom of the bottle. It does taste like lemons, except that their lemons picked are off-season. Not exactly soothing and the aftertaste does not leave an impression of what was being drunk just a few moments ago. There is a lack of sweetness, either because I added to much ice or the product is just not too appealing.

Overall Rating: 5
This new product does add a little more variety to the beverage choice available in the Singapore market. Considering that it is locally made and that it cost $1.20 even in NTUC, I would not be attempting to try out the 'limeade' flavour in the near future. I understand why Sharon or Michelle are choosen for the commercial. They are actors.


Anonymous NianKai said...

Ya.. the commercial got other flavours in pink and grey color.. wonder why they choose to sell the lemon and lime flavours only.. Maybe it is to test the Singapore market first.

8/7/05 14:09  
Anonymous steven said...

shucks... i dun even noe its existence~!! wahaha... not been watching local tv lately... pls fill mi in abt wads happening in s'pore this past one month when we meet bros~

8/7/05 18:19  
Anonymous dev! said...

The taste reminds me of my 'favourite' energy drink, 100-plus lemonade flavor. But.. this minute maid is definitely a pale shadow of that. And.. at least they didn't ask jo peh to shoot the ad, if not, i would have shunned it.. the way i shunned lux, ringtones coy, jewellery chain and some other crap

8/7/05 21:55  
Anonymous balex said...

and Magnolia Ice Cream. Indeed, it is crap.

11/7/05 14:00  

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