Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Spa Online 1: Mahjong Series (i)

As spa parlours mushroom around the island, it is now the time for the online version. What other better ways to improve your quality of life just by sitting and staring at the computer screen?

The first part series shall focus on the great game with more than 100 years of Chinese history-mahjong. Why is mahjong considered a healthy activity? In order to understand this, we need to learn how to play effectively and successfully. (The basic rule of the game will not be taught here, for anyone can learn that easily here.)
Winning in mahjong requires dexterity, decisiveness, alertness, some luck and a keen photographic memory.

Why are all these qualities are important?

Dexterity- Everyone wants to win their tiles fast, so no fair amount of waiting is tolerable especially by the more experienced players who cannot understand why is there such a need to ponder for so long.

Decisiveness- This is important because no player can afford to allow opponents have a hint of his tiles. Sometimes by showing signs of regrets on the tiles thrown or tile 'pong', it is an obvious clue to what tiles one is holding. Thus, by being decisive, it can reduce such errors and increase chances of winning a hand.

Alertness- By being alert, is to ensure not to miss an opportunity to 'pong' or 'chow'. It is also essential to be sure to have the correct amount of tiles at hand. For such a mistake will cost an instant lose of the game while opponents get continue in search of the winning of the current round.

Some luck-No matter how experience a player is, without luck, one is doomed to lose. Similarly, a beginner, with a fair amount of luck, even with lack of skills can be on the way to victory.

Photographic Memory- With a sharp sense of mental remembrance, it promise a better decision made when discarding tiles, hence reducing the chance of opponents winning.

With these tips at hand and acquiring these qualities, winning your opponents is made more certain than ever before. Look forward to the next issue where more detailed tips and why is mahjong is good for you is published.


Anonymous steven said...

alex ur blog is so chimm... but better than weili's... wahahaha... jokin jokin~
keep the crap coming.. keke=D

6/7/05 20:14  
Anonymous dev! said...

I think the best tip is DON'T play with balex and nk

7/7/05 00:13  
Blogger bornappleT said...

dev!, do read the next few issue, just to be sure.

8/7/05 10:35  

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