Monday, July 04, 2005

Conspiracy Theory 2: What's With IOC?

One of Singapore's highlight events, hosting the IOC from 3rd to 6th of July, draws attention on the five competing cities. Of course, being Singapore, Singapore will not forget to miss the chance of showcasing Singapore to the world-wide stage. The first time a hosting city for IOC, displays not only the biding cities, but also the city's own unique culture as well. Uniquely Singapore, indeed unique.

SINGAPORE : Singapore's economy is expected to get a S$40 million boost from hosting the IOC Session, with S$19 million coming from tourist receipts alone.

Tourism experts say the IOC Session will also serve as a dress rehearsal for more international events making their way to Singapore in future.

The Raffles City Convention Centre is the venue for the IOC Session and a group of workmen have spent hours under the sun putting up welcome banners.

Inside more workers are setting the stage to transform the venue in time for the meeting.

About a billion viewers in some 200 countries will be watching the decision on which city will host the Olympics in 2012.

Hosting the session also means more tourist dollars with some 5,000 visitors expected.

Elaine Ang, Assistant Director of Business Travel & MICE at the Singapore Tourism Board said: "The hotels stand to benefit most. The delegates are expected to patronise food and beverage establishments, shopping, visit various attractions and so on. All these businesses will have the chance to host the overseas visitors."

Analysts agree this will mean mileage for Singapore's international profile, but what about the future?

"The longer term effect is when we think of Singapore as a venue. If we host these kinds of events, there will be potential for future events to be hosted in this city because we have the facilities for such things. And because of the media, such events places Singapore in the minds of audiences worldwide," said Associate Professor Ho Kong Chong at the National University of Singapore.

And the rewards seem to be bearing fruit even before the session has kicked off, with inquiries for Singapore to host other major events and the World Scout Jamboree bringing in 30,000 visitors here in 2011.
- CNA /ls

Journalists will also get a digital media kit, a guide on the IOC Session, and a 'Uniquely Singapore' booklet from the Singapore Tourism Board.
- CNA/de

Singapore shall put in the best effort to host this great event so that this will promote Singapore to the world as a unique island nation while attracting more and more tourists that will ensure the cash keeps rolling in. Just like the five biding cities contesting for the race, Singapore shall also pursuit its own race for the place to win the title "International Tourism Hub".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

To pursue and maintain its status as a tourism hub, Singapore will need to work on other aspects other than tourism related issues. The service standard in Singapore must be raised in order to leave a good "lasting impression" and attract foreigners in the long run. However, looking at the current situation, i will say that Singapore is far from being a service orientated and gracious society. It needs to put in more effort in this area. :)

4/7/05 14:31  
Anonymous dev! said...

Got a statistic from some papers recently.. the tourists visiting this little red dot in a year is TWICE the population of this country. With the gahmen's continuous efforts to it's country to the world, the livelihood of her citizens certainly lie in tourism. No, maybe only on cash-ino.

4/7/05 20:16  

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