Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Conspiracy Theory 3: NUS

I chanced upon the website of this famous, amongst the World's top 20 Universities of National University of Singapore website one day.

Why is there not a Melayu version or Tamil version? These are also the official languages of Singapore. Why was Mandarin choosen only?


Anonymous dev! said...

well.. considering that the race occupies 70+% of the nation's population, and an even larger proportion of those studying in universities.. might well be justified.. look around u.. how many frds do u have from other races?

5/7/05 11:54  
Blogger bornappleT said...

Singapore's official language if we were to choose one, it will be Malay. Our national anthem is in Malay. This is probably because back in 40 years ago, we were surrounded by Muslim Nations. Now, we are still surrounded by Muslim Nations, but we have an uprising superpower friend.

5/7/05 12:46  
Anonymous NianKai said...

At this rate that Singapore is "globalizing" (or rather "chinalizing", it will not be long before wearing "qi pao" is a fashion and watching "chinese opera" is a listed as a favourite past time in Singapore{mini China)

6/7/05 09:54  
Anonymous MCY said...

There is nothing wrong with China, in fact, it is good. Because China has a rich history of 5000 years. What's more, this can allow our economy to grow. So I see that this is a good sign that Singapore has taken and that welcoming them is very favourable.

6/7/05 10:27  
Anonymous dev! said...

so.. do i foresee MCY challenging those 'uprising' powers in sch? and.. maybe introduce carrot cake to the huge market in PRC?

7/7/05 00:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mcy -- seriously, i do not see much clausal links in e points you've raised in your post.

11/7/05 04:50  
Anonymous balex said...

Who is anonymous? Intro?

12/7/05 15:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

doubt we know each other,
i followed a link to this blog, from 'proud to be a red dev' blog


17/7/05 01:56  
Blogger chicken crossing said...

Merlion is a toursit trap. Created for that sole purpose. Even Lion City is only hearsay. As for China the country has never seen one period of Government that is Democratic. Even the present Government (Communist) sluaghtered millions of its citizens during the Cultural Revolution and the latest Tian An Men Square....

31/7/05 16:15  

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