Friday, July 01, 2005

Food Review 2: Meiji

Product Information:

Name: Rich Fran Green Tea
Manufacturer: Meiji
Place of Origin: Tokyo, Japan

Nutritional Information:
(per pack, 15g)
Proteins: 1.2g
Fats: 4.9g
Carbohydrates: 8.5g

Quantity : 12 sticks (3 sticks X 4 packs)

Price: $2.20
Packaging: 8+
Japanese products are known for their detailed packaging. This product is no exception. It opens smoothly and easily with indications marked in English. The box is of above average quality paper decorated attractively, even though it indicates that recycled paper is used. (showcasing Japan's efforts for a greener environment).

Taste (Texture, flavour): 7+
Green tea is only for green tea, other than that it is crap. This product does change my mind a little for the green tea fragrance blends well with the chocolate. I find it quite satisfying. However, green tea facial foam or green tea shampoo is still a total crap. The biscuit may feel a little empty within. Perhaps this is the reason why the time to munch it down is relatively short.

Overall Rating: 7+
A little expensive. While considering its quality, I think it is worth a second try. Definetely not a snack for the hungry stomach but a treat during the quiet afternoon with your favourite beer.

Rating Scheme: Out of 10+. (From 1984)


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